AGB-001 Game Boy Advance Mod

I finally got my parts in and competed my AGS-101 LCD Mod!

I think I’ve got a new favorite handheld!

Full gallery here:

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I bought one of these on eBay and I love it. My favorite GBA form factor with a great screen.

Man I love AGB-001 mods. So sexy.

One day I’ll buy one…

Great job! Looks lovely.

Yer, I just purchased mine, cuz me be a little lazy, lovey thing though…

Shuved a everdrive in mine too…

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I’ve always wanted one of these. I eventually bought one a few years ago but realized I had no birthday gift for my gf at the time so gave it to her as a gift when she showed up to our date (smooth). Yea… I wasn’t that into her.

Still regret giving her the GBA. Since then, however, I’ve been playing all my GBA games on GB Player with component cables and GBI ULL - which is still my favorite method. It looks fantastic.

Someday I’ll get another modded AGB-001 though.

Nice. I still can’t decide on what color I want mine to be when I finally do get one. So many options…

Rofl call her up and ask for it back!

Yeah I was really tempted to go all out and get a new shell and buttons in a really nice colour scheme… But I felt like it was a bit of a shame to alter this unit, as it’s in immaculate condition.

Maybe someday.

Looks awesome! I plan on ordering an everdrive for mine soon.