Game Boy Advance SP misspelling?


So I’ve been researching differences between fake and real GBA SP systems and differences between models AGS-001 and AGS-101 etc. I noticed on a lot of the "real’ GBA SPs there seem to be a misspelling on the back label. On the left there is a word “undersired” however on my GBA SP 001 model it reads “undesired”. Does anyone know if this is a legit misspelling? I have looked at a lot of systems and this seems consistent (at least on AGS-101 models).


Oh interesting. I have two models of SP I bought NIB in retail back in the day. I’ll check them.


I’ll check mine when I get back home!


Kitty sniffs to check if fake.


Interesting find! Mines a authentic system and it has the spelling mistake.


I guess the AGS-101 didn’t have a father while growing up…


AGS-001 here and it’s misspelled:


I have a Torchic Orange one with the misspelling and a red one spelled correctly!


Intersting. I’m looking to buy a 101 so this helps a lot. I guess a mispelling got through but then maybe they corrected it on later runs? Thanks for all the replies.


That’s how it seems. My NES Limited Edition GBA SP has the misprint. My AGS-101 does not.


Not all of my GBAs are North American, but the three 101s I found all say “dersired”.