Did anyone get any good black friday deals?


I didn’t get any video games, except spider man for $40 (this was a few days ago). I did pick up some x wing miniatures, though.


Picked up an Xbox one s (inc 3 months game pass & 3 months gold) for my son for Christmas £179.99 (saved £70) I was going to buy this a few weeks ago so glad I waited


Sweet deal! It’s great that current gen consoles are finally in the “impulse buy” area after all these years.

Remember when the Xbox One launched for 499? It really held things back as far as wanting to grab one as a gift or as anything other than an enthusiast product.


I “impulse” traded in my OG PS4 and $52 bucks to get the $199 Spidey bundle. Debating whether I should break into Spider-Man or keep focusing on Horizon.


So far, the only Black Friday deal I jumped on was a Spin Bike for my wife as her Christmas present. Saved a couple hundred, so I’m happy.

Oh, and a few 50% off LPs from my loxal used record shop.

Have you been able to get any further without feeling sick?


Got a couple of those fancy as Dyson fans at half price. Dyson stuff never seems to go on sale here so pretty chuffed with that.

Still mulling over some Everdrives… but maybe I’ll wait til next year.


I got a couple of Switch Pro controllers and the latest Labo for my cubs, and splurged on a few PS4 and Xone games for myself. All in all good deals, but nothing earth shattering. They’ll do great under the Xmas tree though! :slight_smile:


Ended up buying a winter coat for my adorable niece (she’s one year old). Didn’t do much shopping otherwise since it was so darn cold here.


Not really. I did find a 13" Sony PVM for an okay sign price though.


Got a switch powerA pro controller for $15, but the stick tops are way too flat and wide, so I think I’m going to return it. Too slick.


Yea those Power A controllers have a bad rep. Hori’s are a bit better if you’re still looking for a decent third party option.


Switched to a new MVNO and with their BF discount + ebay coupon, we now pay $60 less per month for much better coverage and wireless speeds. Also got my SO a needed new phone on ebay. It was already at a good price and with coupon came out to a lot less than other BF deals on the same phone.

Got an 8bitdo Bluetooth USB receiver for $7.50 shipped.

Also got some physical and digital games for Switch and PS4, some blu-rays… but nothing amazing, just the standard sales for this time of year.


Got all this for about $70. Stand out prices were $4-5 for MegaMan Anniversary Collection and SF collection. $15 for MMX, $15 for VC4 and Fist of the North Star. $8 for MHW.

I noticed Ys 8 prices climbing on eBay. I got that from a guy on offer up for $30. Spent most of my weekend playing it. I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying this.


I forgot to mention what I bought in the Japanese equivalent of Black Friday even after posting in this thread. DOH!

Got a Toshiba Regza 50 inch 4K TV for… 50,000 yen. That’s about 442 US dollars.