Bluetooth lag on Android?

I hooked up a little 8bitdo controller to my phone the other night to test out a couple R-type games I found on the play store for super-cheap.

8bitdo ZERO

The input lag was extremely high (100ms+ I would guess), making the game entirely unplayable. It doesn’t seem to be the game itself, because the controller is the same in a few different games. Do you guys have any experience with this? Is it something to do with the controller itself, or bluetooth on the android?

Bluetooth has about 50ms lag at best and Android has a LOT of its own. I’m not sure of an exact number but from what I’ve heard 100ms on its own would seem a good guess.

So the 8bitdo ZERO is useless for android emulaton… got it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m out of date on the emulation scene on Android but my experience with it lines up with @poptart’s post. Regardless of phone, device (GPD XD) or controller, there’s too much lag for anything but stuff like RPGs and turn-based strategy. It’s not a good experience.

I was recently sent a Marsback by GameSir. It is described as a unit that can change your smart phone in to an arcade machine. Of course it can’t but it is a reasonable little device. Lag doesn’t seem too bad either.

Have you tried pairing your controller to a computer? Noticed any lag there as well?