8bitdo - 2.4g controllers for SNES and NES finally!

No mention of kits for existing controllers.


They’ve been bluetooth to this point, right?

Yeah bluetooth, I think they said back when those dropped 2.4g would be coming but it’s been a while. I was sure they just weren’t going to bother.

I was waiting for these but ended up caving and getting the bluetooth recievers with the kits to use on real controllers. The pairing can sometimes be annoying but so far I like the flexibility; can either use the kitted original controllers which feel perfect or NES/SNES classic controllers via Wii Remote which is handy.

I think the appeal of 2.4g is the much lower latency. Downside being it’s much more likely to get resistance from other devices since a ton of things use 2.4g

I’m in on these if they make an 8bitdo DIY version I can use with my NES/SNES classic controllers.

Unfortunately after their copyright infringing original designs are gone :joy:

Would get DIY kits if they come up fo sho.

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I’m interested to see how the 8bitdo pads pan out as they’ve certainly demonstrated with the m30 that they can make a world-class pad, but I had two versions of the SF30 and they were both rubbish compared to the OEM pads.

I love my DIYs! The actual original pads.

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My setup is currently using the NES/SNES classic pads with the DIY kits and they’re fantastic. That said the variable latency on both drives me nuts so while it pains me to admit it - I’d definitely re-buy both the boards and the receivers for a 2.4 ghz version.

After the 2.4 ghz m30 it’s really hard to go back to the BT pads.

I pre-ordered a bunch of these as I’m pretty excited for them. I love my 2.4ghz M30, its been rock solid and just amazing. I have an og SF30 from years ago, and a while back I picked up a retro receiver to try and use it with my SNES and it was just such a hassle. I went through multiple ones before I got one that would actually pair to the controller, too bad it wouldn’t stay paired, and the fucking lag with it. Give me the 2.4ghz goodness!