Cap kit for a Wondermega

I’ve looked everywhere for a replacement cap kit for my Wondermega. The video out board on it is having issues with colours via every output so I’m guessing it’s a cap issue. Basically the red doesn’t show until the system has been powered on for a few minutes then it starts to flicker in to place. This to me looks like the cap responsible for the red colour channel is warming up. After about 10 minutes the red colour seems to be fine.

I’ve seen JVC X’Eye cap kits but will these also be usable on the Wondermega (JVC version)? I have my reservations since the X’Eye is a cut down version of the Wondermega missing many of it’s inputs and outputs.

Contact these guys?

Thanks, matt. I’ll send them. A mail to see if they can help out.

If console 5 can’t help you out you’ll have to open it up and see what Caps you need. I’m not having any luck finding a caplist for a WonderMega, just an X’eye like you mentioned.

Luke from console 5 got back in touch with me. He’ll be able to put a kit together once I send home a few reference pictures. I’m away thk weekend but I’ll be sure to send some over next week.

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Awesome! I’m curious what, if any, differences there are.

Probably quite a few since the X’Eye is a stripped down version of the Wondermega or basically a rebadged Wondermega 2.

This kind of of customer service is great to see. I just bought a cap kit and glad I went with them.

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