GBA to HDMI project by woozle is almost done.

I wish they showed more gameplay. The presentation is very, very dry but you can learn what it’ll do. I wish they showed capture footage. I want to know if it’s worth sacrificing one of my gbas for this.


Things you may have not heard if you skipped around.

It’s going to work with Game Gear & Neo Geo Pocket Color.

Can be usb powered by your TV

Will initially work with 40 pin GBA and eventually will support 32 pin and then SP.

Will have scan lines and grid lines.


Thanks for sharing this video. I’m definitely interested…just not sure if it’s “$150 interested.” Will watch this closely to see how it all turns out.

For $150 I actually want it consolized. I still might bite, but the idea of killing the best GBA when I have half harvested SPs that donated to the original gba makes me sad. So I will have to wait I suppose.

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And still no solutions for RGB…

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I’ve been excited about this, but for some reason it hadn’t occurred to me that this actually replaces the screen. I’ll need to pick up another GBA, in that case. Definitely not giving up my modded unit.

EDIT: Just grabbed a 40pin from eBay for pretty cheap. It’s nice that many sellers actually take photos with the battery cover off so you can check the code.

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I think this needs to be broken down into an actual console. I don’t like the idea of keeping it in a gba. I dont mind harvesting a gba especially all the ags101 that gave up their screens. Also I think the best bet would be to use a GameCube gba player and put the control module in the top that interfaces with the GameCube. I feel like waiting to see what installers come up with because outside of the performance, I’m not a fan.

The benefit to keeping it in the GBA is that you can use it as a controller, and also use it naturally with games that use the tilt sensor, etc.

This is key. I didn’t think of this but it’s much like the vita games that can’t be played on a vitaTv.

You can now play unpatched boktai outside and look at your tv through your window!

True… just wish there were an RGB or Component option. I’d be down for that.

My ideal solution would be like Tim’s Game Gear RGB mod. Add a connector to the console but keep everything else intact.

If it wasn’t going to be sacrificed to make a console I definitely like the idea of making it plug in so you could still use it as a portable.

You should check out woozle’s youtube channel for more videos of it in action. He also has vids of his NGPC and GameGear versions in action.

Here’s an updated preview/review. Looks like it’s getting close to production:


As someone without a Game Boy Player, an easy way to use GBI, or GameCube component cables, this is super appealing to me.

I have all three, and I still find this appealing. Especially because the GBA I purchased at launch now has a melted polariser.

My beef with this thing is that it uses the GBA instead of a sp. I always feel bad destroying a console like I did basically when harvesting my ags 101 screen. I’d love to use those components because a back lit GBA is still more appealing to me and this is going to make even less gbas available.

I’m sure there are plenty of GBA’s out there in the wild that are neglected and able to be used. Nobody likes a stock OG GBA with that super-dim screen in today’s age. So it’s probably better to use those as a base rather than SPs which are more playable out of the box.

As much as I adore the platform, the original GBA was a flawed product when it came out. It was just so hard to see that screen, even compared to previous iterations in the Gameboy line.

I like the reflective screen: it’s very sharp, has no ghosting at all, has a unique look to it that most gba games were designed around – they look too vibrant or neon-y on a modern display or even the 101 screen.

It’s not dim at all, you just need to play in sunlight or under a lamp at night.

All things equal, I would rather the option to use either. I have a gutted SP that probably would be happier as a consolized gba.