WTB: ReCap (and possible RGB mod) for Wondermega.

I have a wondermega in need of a recap. The basic problem is that the base MD unit powers up fine, but then it takes a while for the power to reach the MCD side of things. Until it is fully “charged”, audio and video show problems, the lights on the MCD part don’t turn on, and I cannot power the drive lid. I can produce a video later, but the basic problem is very similar to this person’s:

Let me know via PM or just replying in this thread.

My Wondermega MK1 needs a recap too. Mine has issues with the colour. It fixes its self after being powered up for 10 minites.

Crazy we have the exact same issue. The colours are all dull and grey almost. Does your also exhibit sound issues through headphone jack until it’s warmed up?

Sound seems to be fine but the colours are definitely off. It seems the red channel is the issue. Once the system warms up you can see them flickering back in to action. It’s kind of annoying but it should be fixable with a cap kid. Unfortunately I don’t know what caps I need and where would sell the correct ones.

you could ask somebody like console5 to put together a cap kit?

here are photos of circuit boards:


Thanks - I’ve emailed them the inquiry. I could do the work myself I guess but I’d really rather hand it off to someone who’s done a lot of recent classic console work and is more comfortable. I haven’t touch a soldering iron in years and I’d rather not start with the WM.

And he already emailed back. Nice people. I’ve sent the link you provided, @matt but I may need to obtain better photos from my own unit.

This thread might turn into a project thread, but I’m still open to paying someone to do the work!

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Excellent. That’s great they can help out. I should contact them too.
Also thank to matt for the link.

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