Diablo 3: Looking for two more RGBers to walk the game (Xbox)

Making a thread because it’s easy for something like this to get lost in the Discord.

@BeerMonkey and I are gonna start walking the game on Xbone. We’re aiming to meet up Sunday evenings after 8pm (EST) for the foreseeable future. Anyone else interested and able to commit to such a schedule? Unfortunately the party size maxes out at 4, so looking for 2 more RGBers!

D3: ISO… walking the game…

At the risk of sounding really out of touch, what game is this?

Oh shit lol. I should have been more clear. My bad. Thread title updated.

D3 = Diablo 3
ISO = “In search of”

Also, related but unrelated…

This will single handedly justify my Switch purchase.

Never played a Diablo game before… what are they like? I could use a new Switch game to get lost in, but was leaning more towards Xenoblade 2.

Do you have an Xbox One Peltz? I’m genuinely not sure!

Diablo games are heavily loot driven action RPGs. It really is about the loot grind, so you gotta love that.

You start out with your basically naked character and through the game acquire loot from enemies, chests, vendors, etc. and gain level which open up access to various skills unique to your character class. A big change D3 made to their formula is that skills can now be changed at will, so you are free to experiment with different builds as you please. It could be that you get bored of your current skills, or maybe you find an item or items that together enhance a different skill so you want to explore that.

Generally for a first time player you go through story mode, and then tackle “adventure mode”, which is basically the full game open to you to explore and grind in.

This is all very surface level but just giving a quick overview.

If you have an Xbox One you should hop in! I’ve put probably ~1000 hours into the game between PC and Console, with countless hours put into D2 back in the day.

The following is a random clip I made a while back so you can get a sense of the action/combat. It takes part in something called a “Greater Nephalim Rift” which you can think of as a randomized dungeon with a time limit, where the objective is to kill enough enemies to summon the dungeon boss and defeat them before time runs out.

Diablo 2(classic, fuck lod) is my favorite game of all time and I even met my wife on there.

Diablo 3 has turned into a decent game these days but there’s really not much end game. I’ll never stop being salty about D3( and D2 lod)

I thought LoD was pretty universally loved. What don’t you like about it?

Tell us where the LoD touched you.

I’ll never stop being salty about people being salty about D3 lol. “Decent” is such a severe understatement imo it hurts to read :cry:

Damn…so that’s were all the good women are hiding.

Unfortunately, @New002, Xbox One is pretty much the only major console I don’t yet own other than PC Engine/TG16 at this point. I’ll probably grab one at the end of the generation when the games/hardware become dirt cheap. But right now, I am set with hardware for the time being… although I’m still eying pc engines on occasion.

Xbox Ones have been dirt cheap for a long time :frowning: :wink:

If I still had my OG I’d send you the damn thing so we could play Diablo lol.

It’s worth understanding that I eat, slept and breathed Diablo 2 for many years including being the best barbarian vs barbarian dueler on the Europe server (that’s where the best played) and ran the ladder on USEast for many years in the top 10 with my best place being #2 with a bot taking #1. So alot of these issues are from a hardcore playing perspective.

Things I dislike about LOD:

Getting to max level (99) was a joke expecially in a game where getting to max level was the only end game. I was on of the first druids to get 99 on USEast when LoD launched.

Unique items were too powerful. Unique items are like WoW where an item is an item and the only variation is a range that the stats can roll. For example a “stormshield” will always be a “stormshield”. This resulted in everyone running the same gear. In classic Rare items were the best which were random drop random roll items so, with the exception of dupes, everyone ran completely unique gear and any rare item that fell could be your next upgrade! It kept the loot grind fresh, forever.

They made the Barbarian skill WhirlWind tie in with your weapons attack speed. This completely broke the skill and made it only viable with very specific weapons. I pretty much only played WhirlWind barbs my entire time in D2 ( and D3) so this really killed it for me.

I guess those are the main things. Later patches completely killed the game far more then LoD did. Diablo 2 classic 1.06 or 1.08 will forever be my “Mario”

Diablo 3 at launch was and still is my biggest gaming dissapointment in my life. Now its a great game to run through with friends but I find greater rifts boring as an end game and the art is terrible as I miss the gothic horror vibe of the first 2 games.I guess nothing will ever live up to Diablo 2 for me. It was the right came at the right time for me and I still keep in contact with some of the friends I made on that game 18 years ago. I’m on vacation for the next 2 weeks and I full plan on doing another D2 1.06 playthrough!

I have hundreds of hours on Diablo 3 on XBONE, I think this is my top game of the last five years, just never gets old.

Is it just Sunday nights at 8pm? If so I can probably do that.

Yeah just Sunday nights at 8pm (or so). We’re keeping it chill.

Also I’ve downloaded the 2 hour trial for Deep Rock Galactic on X1. If anybody wants to try out the co-op for that some night (not Sunday) hit me up.

Who wants to be our fourth? :smiley: