Your favourite sets

Inspired by a few great blog posts by D.Lo, such as his awesome Famicom sets -, i’d like to see more of everyone’s favourite sets!

Can be 2 games or 200, complete or incomplete, just whatever you’ve somehow found yourself building up or working towards.

Here’s a few of mine, F-Zero, Gradius, Virtua Fighter, along with my quest for all Japanese Nintendo SFC and N64 releases! Most of them anyway, there’s a couple i will skip! :smiley:


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I do like a good complete set…

I have the complete Konami PCE set and almost complete Super Fami too. Can’t take photos right now though.

One day I may be able to complete the Sega Mark III set. There are a couple of very pricey items though.

Oh, how about every Nintendo console (add Switch to this now)


I found more pics - My silver box Konami NES set


See now that’s lovely. It is a shame they got so close to having 100% consistent designs but then messed it up just a few full box artworks though!

Love that tatami! :sweat_smile:

Great idea, showing the sets. i am still working towards mine for a few favorite series, but you inspired me on the f-zero front. Never thought to get the japanese versions for some reason.

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Here is a one game set.

Halo: Combat Evolved
-Halo CE (XB)
-Halo CE (XB-GOTY Edition)
-Halo CE (PC)
-Halo Triple Pack (XB)
-Halo CE Strategy Guide
-The Flood (Halo CE novel)
-Halo CE Official Soundtrack CD
-The Making of Halo CE DVD
-Halo CE limited edition print from Bungie
-Halo Edition Xbox
-Halo CE Anniversary (X360)
-Halo CE Anniversary Official Soundtrack LP