Does Space Invaders Invincible Collection have HD Rumble?

As in the topic subject, did anyone pick up a copy of this game? I can’t find anything about this! I think I’d pick it up if it did just for that one feature.

Namco Museum was also by Gotch Technology Corporation and it’s a game I’ve been playing on and off since its release three years ago. One thing that’s really stuck with me is their HD Rumble support, it makes you feel like you’re at an arcade cab in how well it matches the sound effects. I was playing Pac Man today and when you pick up a power pellet it’s almost like the little fella is biting at your hands, it’s really really good. Tank Force, Galaga 88 and Splatterhouse are the other highlights.

Finally got around to checking my copy, none of the included games feature an HD rumble option. The controller options screens are pretty bare-bones.

Thanks for checking! That’s a shame, like I mentioned, they did such a good job with it in Namco Museum.