Everdrives (& other flashcarts too!)


Yeh I get that.

But then I think it could be cool to have another SNES setup at the big TV with the OSSC later if this dejitter thing works out.

But then realistically there won’t be a time when both are being played at the same time.

I should sell it.


…and in the meanwhile - after two months of waiting, without being able to even see where it was - I finally got my Mega EverDrive X5! Happy day.
I must say, Krikzz’ customer support service - in the person of Ivan Avdeev, who followed my case - is fantastic. They were willing to send me another cart for free.
Really glad it all turned out well.


I sold mine when I got the SD2SNES. You won’t miss it and after experiencing the quick loading times you’ll never want to go back. It would take you less time to go to the other room to grab your SD2SNES than it would take to load a game on the super everdrive


@Socksfelloff actually gave me his Super Everdrive for free because he upgraded to the most current Krizz cart. Seeing as how I never had a flashcart for anything other than the FlashBoy for Virtual Boy before, this is like a whole new world to me. I actually set it up for the first time yesterday afternoon and played some Terranigma in English + 60hz, then Seiken Densetu 3 in English, then BS F-Zero 2, then Tales of Phantasia in English.

It’s like living in an alternate past, having access to all of these games that sort of didn’t exist. It’s wild stuff. I could see myself getting more of these devices for other consoles now. Shout out to @BTails for giving me his spare GBA flashcart too. I played the intro to Mother 3 on it… and man that game has some seriously good music.

I think I’m going to need one of these for my Famicom A/V and another for my Genesis now… and possibly even one for my N64. I’m hooked on playing the translated games.


I added all the ones I want to my cart on their site… $800!


I was wondering if you got that! Glad you’re enjoying it! It’s time for you to discover the wonderful world of Snes rom hacks.


What else do I need? I know there’s Final Fantasy V. But after that, what are the games/hacks I need to experience?


It’s hard to recommend any because there are so many expecially for SMW, Super Metroid, ALTTP and earthbound. The Snes has to have one of the most active rom hack communities. This is one of those topics where there are some great “top 10” videos on YT.

One I did really enjoy though is ALTTP randomizer. It swaps the locations of the items(randomly, hence the name) but always ensures its possible to progress through the game. Its a super fun way to replay one of the greatest games of all time and it’s fresh everytime.

I havnt played it but I’ve heard earthbound :halloween is a must play partly because it takes earthbound and cranks the weirdness up (how is this possible) and it was made by Toby Fox before he created this little game called Undertale.


Super Ghost & Goblins fix that gets rid of the slow down in level one (i think in other areas too but noticeably in lvl 1).


Dragon Quest 1+2, Dragon Quest 3, Dragon Quest 5, Dragon Quest 6 :wink:


If you can, wait for Black Friday! They always have 20% off. Also I believe you get bulk pricing if you’re buying a certain number of carts so definitely check that out too.

And yeh you guys are right, I’ll sell it.


Peltz, you gotta play Clock Tower. One of my favourite SFC games. Bust out a notepad to draw some maps and stay away from walthroughs, at least for ypur first playthrough, as it’s way more fun that way.


Thanks for the suggestion. I never use walkthroughs anyway. They ruin things - especially in adventure games and RPGs. If I get stuck, so be it. I prefer to put the game down and come back to it later rather than look up the answer.


“Don’t Cry Jennifer” is such a good horror game track. I find myself just playing it in the background every so often.


Krikkz just tweeted:

“Master EverDrive x7 avaialble for order!”



That reminds me of a weird quirk of mine, which is that I enjoy games like RPGs more when I have a walkthrough/guide.




I think guides are great for older rpgs that artificially padded the game out with bullshit like “let’s talk to everyone in town and see if we can find directions to the hidden cave”

No thanks mother fucker, I’ll just google it.

I do love me some game guides though. Im always on the lookout for guides to pickup. I really love the massive BoTW guide, I didn’t use it untill after I’d completed the game but it was like browsing through a tomb.


Castlevania 2…


Yeah I bought the BotW guide but haven’t cracked it open yet.

I’m waiting for my Legend of Dragoon strategy guide. It was shipped weeks ago from Puerto Rico but hasn’t arrived and tracking has no meaningful updates. Feel bad but I may have to file a dispute with eBay so I can get my money back :frowning: