Everdrives (& other flashcarts too!)


I like the mini case.


I would love a source for those mini cases.


The small case is cute but I’d rather have a normal sized Genesis case so it could sit with my other Genesis games and not look odd. As it is, my case sits in a drawer unseen.


Yeah that’s a good point I guess. So far I don’t have any CIB Mega Drive games but it will sure look a bit weird sitting next to those. For now I’m actually keeping the case next to my Namco FC cases, where it doesn’t belong at all for sure but whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:


I never had a SNES as a kid so my combo Christmas & birthday present was a 1-CHIP SNES, SCART-to-component converter, and an SD2SNES. I love playing all the games I missed as a kid, plus some fun ROM hacks. The SmokeMonster pack is great!

Since then I’ve purchased Super Mario RPG and Yoshi’s Island since those are two must-play games the SD2SNES can’t handle.


Some of the counterfeiters go very far in making their carts look like KRIKzz’s. I picked up an original Game Boy Everdrive on ebay and had to ask the seller for hi-res photos of the front and back of the bare PCB because a known bootleg for that one is eerily similar minus a few small parts being different.


Just trying out the USB enabled firmware for the SD2SNES. It’s awesome! Just plug it into your PC while running (no install of drivers needed for Win 10) and load the app, which then minimizes to your tray. Features:

full menu control and SD access
on the fly IPS patching without permanent editing of the rom
live memory viewer
Zelda randomiser HUD tracker (for streaming)

Savestates work great. Just load a rom on your console then hit the “patch” button in the client to patch the rom with savestate support. Then it’s either select+l/r for save/loading or x+l/r for DKC series/Mario World. Bear in mind the music state will stay the same as before as the SPC is only updated when a new 64kb track is sent to it (example, if you die in a level then load state from the world map in a game, it’ll continue the world map music until the SPC is instructed to play a new track)

Video, excuse my onehanded filming:

Download: https://github.com/RedGuyyyy/sd2snes/releases/tag/v7


^whoah, how recent is this? is it reliable? i need to go look that up, that’s amazing!


Krikzz announced a Master everdrive X7 is coming soon. With Save States and Instant loading.


just bought mine like last year…dammit krikzz, you know i can’t say no to save states man


I’ve been holding off on the Master Everdrive since that DBElectronics article, so I’m happy to see a new one coming.


Received my EverDrive 64 v3 the other day. couldn’t be happier. Love seeing all these N64 games on my RGB modded (with de blur) console:


Very nice! I recently got a used v2.5 one, and the cart itself has been painted over with an ugly cat sticker on it etc…

I’d like to buy a super common sports game to harvest the case out of, but I feel like that’s sort of sacrilegious.


You can just buy a case from Stone Age gamer. I don’t think they harvest games for their shells. Plus it will precut for your SD card.


Thanks for the suggestion!

It would be about $50 US to get the shell, screws, and labels to me, incl. shipping. Seems way too steep to be worth it, considering my cart works fine the way it is.

Edit, the shipping costs are only present when I add a shell, not the labels. I ordered the labels front and back for $12, and I’ll figure out a shell later. Effectively, a shell will cost me about $35 CAD. Not really worth it.


you can just buy a replacement shell for £5 / $7.66 from aliexpress - it’s the exact same thing stoneage gamer sell for a shitload extra markup! link: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/OCGAME-Replacement-Game-Card-Shell-for-Nintendo-N64-Game-Cartridge-Cover-Plastic-Case/32848489538.html



then just simply use a small nail file to create a hole for the SD card. done. don’t get ripped off.


Yeah, that’s what I’ll do… I’m confident I can cut the shell myself easily. Thanks!


is there anything more on this? maybe i’m missing it, just don’t see anything on krikzz’ forum about it & figured viable save states would be a bigger deal


Well, after neglecting it for over a year I finally set up my SD2SNES and I can’t believe I didn’t do this earlier!

It’s SO fast compared to the Super Everdrive, and all the extra features I’ve used so far are amazing.

Got my first custom theme up and running too which I much prefer over the default.

Now do I keep this Super Everdrive around or sell it to create some extra funds…?


Funds imo. I say this as a black hole that vidya games never escape from once they get to me so kinda hypocritical, but with flash carts I don’t see a need for keeping around one that you have a “better” version of in every way.