Krikzz (creator of the Everdrive) releases wireless Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) controllers!

Yes I took this news from RetroRGB but I feel it warranted a thread of its own!

Definitely buying a couple of these. What does everyone think?

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I thought about making it’s own thread but I think I posted this last week in the Genesis / mega Drive thread. This looks pretty great. I love wireless controllers. Here is hoping that it’s really good.

Wow pretty amazing, bit to much money for me to spend, but they are mighty nice… I would if I could for sure.

This is one of those situations where I’d want to handle this before handing over so much dosh, see how close it is to an original six button.

I’m going to sit back a little and see what the reviews say. It might make a good Black Friday purchase.

Awesome. Thanks for the heads up. I have the IR OEM ones and they’re great. But this is nice to see.

I ordered when they went up, still waiting for it to ship. Has anyone’s order shipped yet?

Glad people are picking it up. Will be able to get good impressions before I buy. :3

Apparently he’ll be selling these through Amazon as well so I’m gonna wait until those show up.

I love the enthusiasm releasing a product like this, sorry but a hard no from me based on price. My og controllers are decent and the $8 Hyperkin one is good for the price. I’m not hating; just not my cup o tea at that price point.

Mine shipped earlier. Can’t wait. As I mentioned in the other thread, I have other uses for this besides just Genesis, like MSX and the 2600, so it should be a pretty good value.

The price is just too high on these. Its very cool that they’re being made, but that price, ouch!

Yeah, that’s a lot of dough. Are real 6-buttons that expensive?

A set of two OEM IR controllers and the receiver goes for about $100 on eBay.

Ok… wireless… so that’s a solid comparison. I was thinking wired because wireless and 16-bit does not compute for me.

I’m in once I hear some positive reviews. For that price, they should be without flaw.

I got one and it works great. There was an issue with the d-pad being crooked, but it’s all been care of. Definitely worth the price for me.

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This is really good to hear, thanks. I’m seriously tempted now!

I might end up getting the transparent one too if it’s ever on sale.

Black Friday? :stuck_out_tongue: