Famicase - Collaborative Famicom Cartridge Art Exhibition

An exhibition of Famicom cartridges with fictional game labels created by people like you and me.

I found out about it in 2012 and ran a game jam “A Game By Its Cover” (AGBIC) based on the labels, so that they became real games and the whole thing came full circle.

Since then, for the last handful of years, I’ve forgotten about or missed the deadline to actually create a label, every year until now! Just sent of my entry for Famicase 2019. EXCITE.

Entry details

Archive of all entries from 2005 to date

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Great stuff.

Guess it’s somewhat like the fake ‘pixel art box’ NES stuff people do.

Entries are out!

Check social media for #Famicase and the main website should be updated some time this week.


here’s my entry.

can anybody spot the reference?

Circular is the original/prototype name for MaBoShi’s Circle game