Favorite ROM Hacks


Someone ,somehow ,has combined the 2 greatest SNES games into one game.

This might just win for best rom hack of all time. I absolutely must play this !


Whoa whoa someone combined Turtles in Time and Mega Man X!?


That’s a damn good idea! Unfortunately they combined the other 2 best SNES games, Shaq Fu and Mario is missing !


I’ll allow it.


Basically Shaq goes missing in Japan but you immediately find him because he’s Shaq and he’s in Japan.


Time to speedrun it.


This is so cool ! Just found a heart, in Metroid!


this is fucking incredible. Only thing that would make it better is…the dark world/light world warp transition between games.

I just found the wave beam in hyrule castle!


In my limited playtime I found that heart and cleared as much of the Metroid side as I could. I’m back in the Zelda side looking for a morph ball!

Since the game boots up into Metroid first I’m assuming you need to save on the Metroid side before turning it off ? I saved and exited in Zelda but when I rebooted it loaded a Metroid save and brought me back infront of the door that warped me to Zelda.



Okay I’ll have to play that crap


As far as I know, you save in zelda. The save rooms in metroid warp you to hyrule.

Whenever you reboot the game it always loads as metroid first.


Good to know! I’ll probably wait for a few more revisions before I sink my teeth into it. I hope this opens the door for more hacks like this !


Could someone point me in the direction of a ROM hack that will let me play Radical Dreamers in English on a Super Everdrive? If you’re not sure whether the link is okay to post, you could also send me a PM.


I used the below with an emulator but had a quick google and it should work with the Super Everdrive too.


Here’s one I just discovered as a prepare myself for finally beating Battletoads:

It fixes a ton of bugs in the North American Battletoads release (Many of which were fixed in either the European or Japanes releases). Among other small ones, the two major bugs it fixes are the end of the Rat Race stage, where the rat you’re racing never dies and you can’t progress, forcing a restart of the whole game; and the infamous 2-player Clinger Winger bug, where you literally cannot beat the second to last level if playing in 2 player mode.


My favorite kind of rom hacks. Bug fixes. Thanks.