Astrocity mini - Yay or nay?

This little fellow was released, and personally I am super excited about being able to have Golden Axe and Revenge of Death Adder at home nice and easily.
HDMI output with Usb controllers, it could be plugged into the TV. Potential is high.

Apparently M2 is not involved though and it reminds me a lot of these dodgy pacman arcade minis I’ve seen in the shops.

With a total of 36 games planned and a rather steep price I’m of two minds, although the one that wants to buy it is definitely more dominant.
Sp, looking for other people’s thoughts. Whaddya reckon?

Famitsu interview (japanese)


I already preordered :drooling_face:

I did skip out on the Neo Geo one though. I’ve always loved the candy cab style so I’ll be a guinea pig!

1000% in. Clicky stick hallelujah!! I think the Neo Geo Mini would be closer to the dodgy Pacmans and this looks closer to the true ideal of that concept.

@Hexadron where did you preorder?

Amazon Japan

Kudos to @Fuzzy for letting me know about it.

Will see, but that separate control pad is kawaii…

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If they do an Aero City Mini I’m in.

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mite be cool.

From a design standpoint I don’t know why but I’m more likely to get this then the neogeo mini even though the neogeo had what I would consider better games. Will see how the actually mechanics/emulation of it are when it comes out.

Excited for the separate pad and stick options. Somewhat excited for the cab, I thought I read it was supposed to be around 12,800 yen? Might get it when it’s discounted.

EDIT better pic:

I have a Neo Geo Mini with controllers and it’s a cool device. I got mine for $90 but it’s been as low as $60 lately I think. Despite the lack of a clicky stick, games play very well on it and sound great. It also looks really cool on your desk!

It’s not M2 : (


fwiw, I can’t think of any Japan-produced, non-M2 Sega arcade ports in recent memory that weren’t fine, but if it’s not M2 or Sega AM then I have no clue who it might be… maybe Gotch has leveled up

I’ll probably pass. I find that I generally haven’t played the NES or SNES mini and so, I have been skipping all the of the other similar systems that have come out.

If they offered a pixel perfect screen like the Neo Geo one that came out, I’d probably look at it a bit more closely though.

Impossible with all the various resolutions of these games. Pixel perfect still wouldn’t give you a 4:3 aspect with Virtua Fighter or other games too, this will need some sort of interpolation to avoid uneven pixel sizes.

Which makes me wish for a proper retro focussed console to be released with online capabilities and a store front that can be continually be added to and updated by various companies.

I’ve always wanted a real one.

I need a mini console setup lol. These things are multiplying like nuts lol.

For me, this was the Wii. It supported proper 240p most of the time too.

The fact that it also had all the latest Nintendo games elevated it to the best system around for me.


Yeah the Wii pretty much what came to mind for me too, it’s such a shame the the Virtual console didn’t become a lasting ongoing hub for retro games.


Wii with RetroArch is great

I used Retroarch before it saved any core configuration or video settings so soon got fed up of switching resolutions all the time for arcade games, but even the stand alone emulators were still really well optimised and compatible considering the hardware, still such a ridiculously versatile and capable console.

I found that I haven’t used my MD mini as much as I thought I would, but then on that I’ve played most of the games already.

The Astrocity though, yes, I’ve certainly shoved enough coinage into Golden axe, Alien storm and Death Adder to make SEGA happy, but never in the comfort of my own home.
Plus I’ve not finished any of them (Excpt G. AXe)
Ordered mine this morning. While I don’t class it as cheap, it is better value than the Gamegear mini and it’s 4 games…

That M2 isn’t involved and they haven’t really said who is doing the porting/emulation is making this doubtful. I mean fuck, M2 is even doing that dumb fucking gamegear mini right?