Game Boy/Color/Advance OT + Collecting Thread - Get into it!


I’m not a shoe guy, but thought this was kind of cool: Game Boy Jordans anyone?

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Yo I’ve been offering these ebay sellers 50$ for the same copies of Gun ZAS for 6 months and they still holding out hope that shit’ll sell for 250+.



It’s how prices stay the same. There is no risk to keeping the pricing high if you don’t have to sell it fast other then the minor cost of storage. A limited resource that they have complete inventory control on.



Oh for sure, it just blows my mind. As best as I can tell, no copy has ever been sold for 300$, but they keep being relisted for that price. Folks just see the same few copies listed for insane prices and figure they hit the goldmine. Nonsense. I just want the best shmup on the gameboy mang



Some sellers are dumb, but some may not even want to sell.

Sometimes I see a game I own sell for a very high price, and while I like it, I wouldn’t buy it at that price, so I list mine at that price. If it sells, I get heaps of cash. If it doesn’t, I keep a game I like. You can have functionally infinite listings for free on ebay so I have no risk, it’s just a standing offer of ‘hey if anyone’s crazy enough to buy this at top of the market price, I’ll sell mine for that’.

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People do that here too. Except with a small population that then becomes the true value very quickly lol. Then I just go and buy it on eBay for 10% of the price :woman_shrugging:t4:



For most games it’s pretty whatever, since they’re accessible enough you can try alternative sites/pawn shops/local retro games store, etc. but for something proper rare it’s a colossal pain in the ass to hunt one down, let alone getting the price somewhere reasonable.



This is looking pretty slick, especially if you need to preserve a save file while replacing a battery:



BennVenn gets all the praise I can possibly give someone. He’s a fantastic guy and has fantastic support for his products!

Unrelated but I’ve been playing around with the latest version of GBI and it has all the Super Gameboy1/2 features and everything now. What a fantastic piece of software.



It was always easy to preserve a save file while doing a battery replacement by soldering in another battery in parallel while replacing the old one. This is a cool little dumper though.



I’m thinking about picking up a Game Boy Light to revisit Link’s Awakening (only played DX back in the day on a Color) and DK ‘94. This probably isn’t the best of ideas right?



Interesting. I think I’ve seen an even smaller one that they do, wonder if it’s good for GBA carts. At the moment I’ve got mine loose in a Jiffy bag and I’m always worried the labels might get scratch marks.



Well, it’s definitely a more expensive idea. I’m not sure the differences between the original and DX are worth specifically seeking out a Game Boy Light. I think either version on a GBC is still a fantastic way to play Link’s Awakening (something I’m planning on doing in the next month), or with a GBA SP if backlighting is desired. I’d only pick up a GBL if that’s something you’re really looking to have regardless of LA. :slight_smile:



If you’re looking to play in grayscale the original GB and GB Pocket screens both do well even in dim rooms. Link’s Awakening and DK 94 are designed with the smeary screen in mind as well with mostly static screens.

Also it’s really nice to have a Super Game Boy 2 especially for games like DK94 with good colorization.



The GBL has poorer lighting and less battery life than a properly done backlit GBP, for a comparable (i think?) price. I don’t see any real reason to buy a GBL unless you want it specifically as a collector’s item.



Thanks for the feedback! It’s good to know what I’m getting into here.

I think I’ll take a punt on the GBL - I only plan to play those two games, and like poptart pointed out they were designed with the GB’s contrast/ghosting limitations in mind.

I’m actually just really interested in playing them in black and white, since that’s how the graphics were originally designed to appear. I wonder if I’ll be shocked with the ghosting. It’s been a long, long time since I played a Game Boy Pocket!



I wanted follow up on this old post about the Game Boy Micro: Game Boy/Color/Advance OT + Collecting Thread - Get into it!

Basically, the START and SELECT buttons differ on the European models, but I couldn’t take photos because I had lent my EUR model to a friend. I’ve got it back now so here’s some images about this, which I don’t think has been documented anywhere:

JPN model before European model:

While they both produce a bright blue or red light, it’s clear the original Japanese/North American models use what are probably more expensive parts. The words are etched into the chrome buttons there, producing very neat highlighted and lit letters, whereas it’s pretty washed out on the faux-chrome European buttons.

I wonder why they switched the buttons? Only thing I can think of is maybe they used mercury to make the original buttons - whose presence in the WarioWare Twisted cartridge caused that game to be cancelled in the EU due to regulation (I forget which one)



Really thinking about finding someone to do a GBC backlight mod…just would be a cool thing to have.



This came up about a month ago, but there won’t be much need to have anyone do it for you in the future. The “drop-in” mod will be about as easy as it gets:

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The SGB1 is good too, if you don’t mind the 4% speedup. I play it on my PAL snes, so it sliglty counterbalance the 14 PAL speed down.