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Realized I’ve never posted a pic of how I store my GB/GBC games. Got this case at a garage sale last year for $2. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect for my GB/GBC games.

As you can see, I need more of those plastic game cases. I grab them whenever I go to game shows. I could grab them for cheap off eBay from China but I like real ones. It’s the perfect size inside for the lid to close with everything like that. I need to get inserts printed for inside those cases to easily see the names of the games like in this video (starts at 6:25).


The ones from China are notably lower quality. The plastic feels kinda jagged on all edges, they are stiff, and kinda hard to open.

Still, I bought 50 to house my non top-shelf GB/GBC games and 30 for my GBA library because I’d rather have cases and cleaning a lot of used ones sounds pretty gross.

Most of my OEM cases are from my childhood; a lot of the CIB and NIB GB/GBC games I got in/from Japan had cases though, which was good.


Those printed inserts look cute as heck!


Y’all see this yet?

Color me hyped.


Oooh. Now you have my attention.


12x the refresh rate of the AGS101 :o

The original GBC screen is rather fantastic with minimal smearing so this sounds ideal. It would be nice if a similar back-lit screen could be found for the GBA.


I’m so in for this. I used one of his original cables to put a 101 screen in my gbc and while it’s great , it has it’s downsides.


Yeah personally I’d rather have a better screen than the AGhostS-101 screen to put in a real GBA.

GBC is perfect as is.


Are we looking at the same GBC screen? The orignial is terrible to use.


No it’s not :man_shrugging:t2:

It has no ghosting at all.


I’ll take a nice, bright, backlit screen with a bit of ghosting over a non backlit screen anyday of the week. I’ve never had an issue with the ghosting.


Agree. I certainly notice the ghosting on the AGS-101 screen, but it’s still far and away the best of the bunch.


There’s a super tiny amount of ghosting (pixel persistence?) on the GBC, same amount on the stock GBA screen comparing a GB game on both machines.


I’ve been doing some experimentation with that. My GBC that I modded the sp101 screen into had image retention only when I used my original everdrive ( known to have highish power consumption). It would work perfect with a normal cart.

I found that using eneloops was causing the issue because they are only 1.2v instead of the expected 1.5v. Tossing in a set of duracells caused the image retention and ghosting to completely go away.

I tossed my variable power supply on the GBC and sure enough when you drop the voltage below 2.4vdc the screen starts to ghost and as you go lower you start to get screen artifacts as well.

I can’t help but think the ghosting on the 101 is caused by low voltage.


This is all great info. I’ve seen people mention adjusting some pot? to help with ghosting when using these 101 screens, not done the mod myself yet but I have a backup GBA I plan to put a backlit screen in and see what all fuss is about.


That’s the contrast pot behind the batteries. When you put the 101 screen in that ends of controlling the brightness. You need to adjust it to find the sweet spot between brightness and ghosting after installing the screen.


I have seen ghosting on that awful screen since before the GB everdrive existed, before I ever owned eneloops. I can reproduce the same thing across multiple systems, both modded and stock.

It’s not a minor image retention. It’s a whole screen smear typical of a cheap TN mid-2000s panel you would find on a kid’s toy. It is extremely noticable on fast moving games like SMA4:SMB3 or Dragon Warrior 3 and makes playing them unpleasant.

I can even reproduce the same thing on DS Lite screens of the era.


Ghosting just kills it for me. Rather play without a backlight. To each their own.


yes there is very minimal ghosting. It’s not a perfect screen and it’s really poor viewing angles are a bigger issue to me then the ghosting.

@poptart @Peltz No one really seems to know what the exact cause is but I can tell you that me and many others have no ghosting, even in SMB3, on modded 001s with 101 screens and the voltage regulator installed.

That said if you love the original GBC screen you’re very lucky. I miss the larger screen size.


Well, I am the biggest DQ fan out there, and I can’t really recommend first-timers playing 1-5 originals over the remakes.