Game Boy/Color/Advance OT + Collecting Thread - Get into it!


Cross post from Era.

Realized I’ve never posted a pic of how I store my GB/GBC games. Got this case at a garage sale last year for $2. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect for my GB/GBC games.

As you can see, I need more of those plastic game cases. I grab them whenever I go to game shows. I could grab them for cheap off eBay from China but I like real ones. It’s the perfect size inside for the lid to close with everything like that. I need to get inserts printed for inside those cases to easily see the names of the games like in this video (starts at 6:25).


The ones from China are notably lower quality. The plastic feels kinda jagged on all edges, they are stiff, and kinda hard to open.

Still, I bought 50 to house my non top-shelf GB/GBC games and 30 for my GBA library because I’d rather have cases and cleaning a lot of used ones sounds pretty gross.

Most of my OEM cases are from my childhood; a lot of the CIB and NIB GB/GBC games I got in/from Japan had cases though, which was good.


Those printed inserts look cute as heck!