Game Boy/Color/Advance OT + Collecting Thread - Get into it!


I just checked my Link’s Awakening DX cart last night and it’s still sitting at 3.01Vdc with the original battery!


That makes sense. I assume the real time clock is a bigger drain than traditional save files.


What does the official case look like?


Here’s some photos


Yeah, the only game which has failed is Link’s Awakening but that might have been my fault, my save disappeared after I inserted the cartridge after switching on the Game Boy.

Anyway, fitted new batteries in my Mole Mania, Link’s Awakening and DK ‘94 carts to be safe.


Nice. Looks like vinyl or leather. It’s higher quality than I expected.

also, the green on your unit looks perfecto :ok_hand:t2:


Damn, that’s sweet. I’ve been on the hunt for a quality GBP setup and you’ve raised the bar substantially.


That is a sweet looking case.

Anyone have any good original Gameboy cases? Keep finding plastic monstrosities or dumb stuff like that.


Thanks for the comments folks!

Yeah, I was really surprised by the quality of the case. All the other cases I’ve seen are the clear plastic ones or these large nylon(?) bags with room for loads of cartridges. This one feels high quality and is pretty discrete/compact which is perfect for chucking in another bag.

Unfortunately I can’t find much information about it. There’s one listed here:

And it seems someone has made a modern replica:


I’m just finding it real hard to find a good case for the original big gameboy. Everything is made for the smaller ones and even ones made for the GBC are too small to fit the biggie.


I’ve got one of these bad boys

They’re pretty good as you can store a few carts in there along with your DMG001


Kinda the thing I’m trying to avoid, a clunky plastic case, but seems to be what most of the designs were at the time.


Yeah, that was my childhood case. It witnessed many arguments with my brother in the back seat of the family car. Tons of nostalgic value, but looking at it now the design is pretty rough. :frowning:


I had one of those hard cases too but I remember their being a decent sized soft case, held a DMG Gameboy and 2 or so games, it was black with blue writing on it, my wife had one as a kid, I will try and find a picture

Found it!


I need to replace the battery in my Metroid 2 Game Boy cart. I ordered the generic batteries with tabs from Amazon. Where would you get name brand batteries with tabs or how do you attach tabs to them?


Sweet case. Love that.


I bought them without tabs - Link’s Awakening and Mole Mania used Maxwell CR1616s but DK '94 used a Panasonic. But it was actually a really lucky coincidence that the brands matched up!

So I reused the existing tabs. If you look above and under the battery there’s these two small marks (next to the date stamp) which are basically blobs of solder heat pressed between the tab and the battery at the factory. I used a small blade under the top tab to pry those off, then the same underneath the battery (so above the bottom tab).

Then I took the battery out, slotted a new one between the tabs, and applied a small blob of solder between the top tab and the battery to make sure the new battery wouldn’t move around the tabs.

It’s not the most elegant solution though.


just FYI, those batteries explode if overheated. do not recommend soldering to them.


That is true, forgot to mention the soldering iron I was using is pretty old and doesn’t get very hot, but it is risky.

That said, they solder four blobs to the battery (from the two tabs) at the factory, so there must be a surefire way to do it.


I could be wrong but I do believe I’ve seen Voultar or some one mention that there are the holders that fit inside GB and GB cases. So you could solder that into place and just slide in the replacement battery, and when it dies just slide it out and slide in a new one, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally blowing up a battery. I kind of wish I knew of them when I replaced the battery in my TenNoKoe bank for my PC Engine. All though that is an even thinner and smaller battery than what usually goes into a GB cart. This just gave me an idea for a new project lol.