Game Boy/Color/Advance OT + Collecting Thread - Get into it!


It’s likely that the tabs are spot welded onto the casing first, then the battery is inserted and pressed into place.


I saw Kirkzz post this power consumption comparison vid of someone testing the EZ Flash Omega against the Everdrive GBA:

Not watched it properly yet but skipped to the end and the Everdrive gives you 20hours vs 13 hours of the Omega. A standard cart I believe he says gives him 25hours (his setup is backlit screen+eneloop batteries)


Oh yeah I’ve seen those! That seems like the way to go. Imagine if you had to solder in new batteries for everything.


It’s started happening…got my second GBP in the post this week.

Really impressed with the high quality plastic tray inside the box - were the other Japanese launch-window models (with the horizontally positioned coloured boxes I think) like this?


What a beautiful box insert. Lol.

I could totally see an RGB thread saying “what is your favorite box inset?” And this one being a contender. (Most people wouldn’t care, but this is RGB and we take notice with stuff like that)


My US GBP had the same plastic case but iirc the cardboard thing with the hand holding the system was set up to fit inside the plastic while that one looks like it is made to go around the outside.

Loved the packaging and wish I still had it around/it didn’t get lost to time.


I’m going to try to use Game Boy Interface for my Game Boy Player someday so I can improve GBA games. I need to know how to get it to work though since Swiss and Game Boy Interface are all new to me.


You have to get an action replay or have a way to run swiss. The Action Replay for GC ships from the UK and was pretty cheap. This was a few years ago when I bought it.

From there you just download the software and run it. Its a little not obvious to use once you get swiss running so once you get it, ask all the questions you want and we will help.


Ok, cool, but amazon has action replay as well, and even freeloader.

I would also need these too since I’m going that route: