Game Boy/Color/Advance OT + Collecting Thread - Get into it!

Been playing Shiren GB2, a clear cart GBC game, on and off recently, having picked it up on a whim in Japan. Had no idea it existed!

This was clearly a labour of love for developer Chunsoft, as it’s one of the most impressive games I’ve seen on the system. The animated event sequences (third and first person!) are gorgeous. The sprites have a lot of frames of animation, and backgrounds are often adorned with overlaid sprites or animation, which you rarely see in games on GB/GBC. I guess the extra memory available for a GBC exclusive was used to its fullest here.

Opening sequence:

Sprite animation:

Forgot to mention that I revisited Oracle of Seasons last year and didn’t come away impressed despite playing it to the end on release.

The game just came across as more generic Zelda content. Subrosia is cool, but the world design is all over the place, each dungeon and its surrounding area feels like a separate piece of game that the designers glued back to the game world afterward. It’s not bad, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s an essential playthrough given the extensive history of the series.

Been watching Araknie Loves It Retro’s YouTube channel recently and noticed he’s reviewed both Oracle titles, I think his view is spot on really:

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Whoa hard to understand at the start! Eventually I caught on.

Kind of agree, I’d be harsher at this point.

What weird is there is an odd narrative out there that they’re ‘better’ than Link’s Awakening. I have to assume a lot of these narratives are based on whoever was a kid when a game came out and so objectivity is lost. Plus a general low ability for average joe to be discerning - it has more stuff so it must be better or something.

One other theory I have is certain tastemakers (reviewers, commentators) from around 2000-2010 online actually had some major influence on narratives.

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I think both theories are major factors for sure, it’s just a shame of all the flawed games to celebrate it had to be these ones. They aren’t bad games, as we know, but they just aren’t particularly interesting.

Funnily enough I’ve been wanting to play Mario Party Advance for a while now, just because it seems so offbeat for a game in the Mario series.

Honestly, this part of this video plus the gambling section that follows had me in stitches. The gambling in particular wouldn’t make it within a nautical mile of a Mario game nowadays!

On that note it looks like Konami is rereleasing these games on Switch and PC this year!

Includes Duel Monsters 6 which is one of my favourites - released in the west as Worldwide Edition


I loved Konami games but had no connection or interest in this franchise so never played any.

Maybe one day when I have infinite time!

I guess you can’t copy Bluesky links? Idk, anyway:

RT: Marc Max

Here they go, #SuperGameBoy border converter & injector!

That’s it: inject your custom #SGB border into your favorite #GameBoy game!

Game needs 16 free bytes in bank 0 to work


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Game Boy Wars fan translation released:

Oh no

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You monster. Why would you do this to us? :cry:


I feel sick.

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