Game Boy/Color/Advance OT + Collecting Thread - Get into it!


Nice! Very timely with all the DQ love happening right now following XI.


Excellent thread for those who are fans or want to be fans of DQ.


I read that one. Great thread. The OP is a little dismissive over original versions of the games though. But it’s well written and gives a phenomenal breakdown of the series.


It is really dismissive of a lot of things.


Intro for Ninja Cop, from a time where a short attract-mode like intro could form the game’s tutorial!

I had no idea Ninpo was in the game - or that you could attack while swinging - until booting up the game one day and seeing it there!


Is this game on the 3DS VC?


No 3DS VC for GBA. :(.

If you hack your 3DS yes


I can only imagine how much an actual cart of it costs now. Don’t even want to look it up again.


I have one it’s a bit damaged


Ah, that’s right. This shit needs to get on Switch. They should do SNES and then go straight to GBA on the online service.


Unfortunately it’s never been republished by Konami (it was developed by Hudson Soft).

I was hoping it would be on the Wii U as someone at Konami (Europe) made even Konami Krazy Racers get published there but alas it never happened.

It’s a shame 3DS never got more virtual console games beyond the ambassador titles. 3DS includes firmware which allows it to run GBA games natively, and it’ll probably be the last system to do that. M2’s emulation on Wii U had some imperfections.


It’s similar to the Wii U situation with GCN games - it has the hardware to run the titles natively, but it just never officially happened. Funny how the 3DS and Wii U share that similar trait. Both can play titles with their native hardware that are 2 generations old without emulation. But you can’t actually buy those games to play from Nintendo.


Hackers do what nintendont

In the case of the GBA, I heard they couldn’t get it to run within the 3ds environment like the other VC titles do which is why they opted not to officially release anything outside of those ambassador titles.


I don’t really understand that rational when DSiWare runs the same way.


The GBA mode doesn’t allow for sleep mode when the lid is closed, among other things.


Yeah, though to be fair you can still press the sleep mode button combo or menu option in supported games and the 3DS will take on the correct behaviour (complete with pulsing power LED to show sleep mode).


Since this is a collecting thread I thought I’d look through some of my recent (if a couple of years is recent) GBA pickups.

What do you think is the best Bit Generations game? I love how forward thinking stuff like this and WarioWare was for the time - it’s a shame Nintendo doesn’t really ask its partners to do stuff like this anymore.

Coloris is probably my favourite, and a puzzle game worthy of more appreciation. Took me a while until I finally ‘got’ it, but like the best puzzlers it’s designed around experimentation while also being very approachable. Excellent sound design too.

There’s still nothing else like SoundVoyager, and Digidrive is a great ‘forever’ game.

Compile’s last game!


Spent my lunch hour playing Metroid Zero.Mission on my new 3DS. I am not sure if I care to mod my GBA with the 101 screen anymore.


I still never played these games but I love the box art and have always been curious about them.

Is there a language barrier?


I’ve played them a long time ago, but I don’t recall any.

I probably spent the most time with Digidrive. Dotstream was interesting but I had trouble figuring out the mechanics to win races. I loved the concept of Soundvoyager, which I played a lot in my room in total darkness. Dialhex and Coloris I didn’t get the concept.