Game Boy/Color/Advance OT + Collecting Thread - Get into it!


From what I remember all the games have text in English, even Sound Voyager. There isn’t a language barrier - think of them as either arcade-style games where you either aim for a high score or very minimalistic interactive toys where the rules of the game don’t need explanation.


Stick with Coloris, it’ll eventually click! When it does you’ll get better at playing, and it’ll reveal itself to be a very clever game.


I … uh… might have bought a Game Boy Micro. I don’t think the charge cable is included. What do I want to get? I’m looking at Amazon/eBay and it seems less than obvious what to buy? It’s a proprietary connector for just that model?


Yes. It looks like the DS charger but it’s wider.

Also congrats on the micro ! Great system!


Yeh it’s unique to the Micro.


I just got around to replacing the battery on this dead Micro I got a few weeks back and I noticed that the screen looks better when I ever so slightly tilt it away from me, is this a common trait? there’s a minor degree of the image being washed out when it’s facing me dead on.


Both of mine do this as well. I think Nintendo had a different idea of where people would most likely hold it.


That’s good to know, I thought it might be intentional. I only purchased it because I was curious about the little machine, such a cool size even though I think the original GBA form factor is better overall.


I also believe that they made it for a race of gnome that have a completely different physiology then humans on top of being much smaller. So attempts to use it in general will be harder on most humans.


I’m 6’4 240lbs with fairly large hands and I love playing on my Micro !


I’ve made a lot of blunders over the years, but picking up a micro just before they were discontinued was not one of them. I love the little thing, although if I’m honest it does cramp my hands a bit after long sessions. It’s something that frequently reminds me how much I’d like to have a version of the Switch designed with extreme portability in mind.


I’d buy a psp go style switch day 1…I’d even go for a clam shell style like the SP


How easy/hard is it to put on a new SP shell? Found a really beat up 101 on local FB that I might be able to get fairly cheap. I don’t own a GBA at all (used to have an SP but traded it when I got a DS), so I’d like to get one sometime and this seems like a good route to take.

Best way to know is probably a how-to vid. What’s the best video tutorial on this?


It’s pretty easy, I did it myself and it took maybe 20 mins.

It isn’t nearly as complicated as taking apart a DS or 3DS if you’ve ever done that.


I did find something that you might encounter. Since I did my shell swap. my power button is more loose and sometimes it will give false positives for low battery (a little push gets it to give me a good read). I may just paint my original shell or perhaps buy a new shell online. Unless there is something I am not noticing about the shell swap, (perhaps a spring flew out when I took it apart).


That’s a very common problem that’s unrelated to swapping shells


Is there a fix?


So the GBA SP AGS-101 AC adapter is different than the AGS-001. …themoreyouknow.jpg

Any reputable place to buy one besides the cheap Amazon/ebay stuff? An OEM Nintendo one would be great but I’m not holding my breath on finding one without the handheld itself as well.


… are you sure? If so, I got a fake 101.


It might be a different model number or something, but both work on both fine, and also the original DS. I’ve been using a DS one on all three models for years.