Games so bad they're good

ITT: Post games that are bad in a funny way. Can be old or modern, though considering the board’s theme I expect it to lean toward the former.

I’ll start with an up-and-coming camp classic, Exodus from the Earth. It’s a crappy Russian half-life clone and encasuplates everything that’s funny about Z-tier Russian shooters, wheter it’s the attempts at gritty noir narration ruined by Russia’s good-natured struggle with the english language

or the incredible writing and voice acting

(yes that’s really how the game ends)

There’s plenty more of amusing material, so if you have time to kill, someone made a 4-part video series looking at the game’s many inept and funny moments.

NBA Jam is (in my opinion) one of those games. If you play it today, it legitimately feels like a bad and unbalanced mess. But it’s still a ton of fun to do the crazy dunks and talk trash to your opponent when doing so.

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There’s plenty of arcade beat em ups that haven’t really stood the test of time but are great with a few beers and some friends.

Hop into MAME and fire up B Rap Boys

Some games I love have a reputation for being bad but actually aren’t like China Warrior and Bravoman on TG16.

I did play through Alf on SMS and Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties on 3DO. Those are so bad they’re good.

I never did get to try it but pre patch Tony hawk 5 looks like ALOT of fun

Red Heat, a game for those that thought Altered Beast was too complex and not homoerotic enough.

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I agree. Ninja turtles. In my opinion is one of these


A couple of friends and I got suuuuper into NBA Jam a couple years back. There’s a logic to it. It totally works.

It’s just rad as hell.

Thomas the Tank Engine on the SNES is always a favourite when me and my mates are high as fuck

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Socks, this made my day.

On topic: I secretly love Jaws on NES. It’s really repetitive, really easy, and really short, but for some reason it’s super relaxing for a quick playthrough.

Assassin 2015 is awesomely horrible. Was made in 1996 but it feels like a parody of everything terrible and laughable in modern FPS

Wasn’t Goat Simulator based on this premise? I’ve never played it myself though.

Yeah, it was. Not a very interesting game, though. When the bugs are intentional, it just isn’t fun.

All sorts of pirate Famicom crap.

Like Super Contra 8 from Russia.

Bubsy The Bobcat and his random deaths that still plague my mind.

For me it’s gotta be Wheres Wally/Waldo on NES.

The difficulty is just hilarious and some of the level design is just impossible.

I’ll have to try find a video when I’m back on a PC but they also have a “cutscene” between each level where Wally walks to the next place but he never walks directly there, it’s always a ridiculously arbitrary path that takes twice as long as it needs to… possibly to make the game feel longer, but who knows?

I legit loved Bubsy growing up >_>



I always liked the original Bubsy too.