Video Game History Foundation sending "blind box" sub of old mags for your support

I thought this was cool and just subscribed (which is really simply a recurring donation). Frank Cifaldi and the VGHF do awesome work. As a part of their efforts, they’ve compiled an archive of tons of gaming magazine dating back to the 80s. As a result, they have lots of duplicates. So they’re giving them away in a randomly selected fashion if you donate to the VGHF. The Foundation is really that - it’s a 501c3 nonprofit. I won’t bother with more background, you can Google it. On the sub page you can select “surprise me” or choose between 80s/90s and the 2000s.


Understandably shipping intentionally makes this a no-go for me.

Cool idea though!

I thought it was a cool idea as well. It’s not for me, but I think a lot of people will like it.

I recently listened the Retronauts episode where Jeremy interviewed Frank and Kelsey for those wanting some more info from them about the VGHF. Pink Gorilla is local for me so I enjoy going there every once in a while.

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Great episode, yeah, thanks for posting. Nice that you can visit PG!!

Just a quick note that they’re doing a fundraising drive today “Giving Tuesday” for the VGHF. I donated some bux.

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