Good Option for Wii Transport?

I have a couple of Wii consoles that I have softmodded, and I often take them over to some friends’ houses to play emulated or Wii/Gamecube games and it is a blast. I have up to now just thrown them into a duffle bag and hit the road.

Recently though, I have noticed some scuffs and some wire wear on my Gamecube controllers and consoles from jostling around in the bag. So now I’m looking for the best way to transport my setup that will allow it the best protection for a reasonable price.

I usually bring the Wii, S-video and component cables, 2 Wiimotes w/ nunchucks, 4 GC controllers, a GC>Switch adapter, and a USB drive.

I am thinking something like a Pelican case would work best, but I’m hoping for something fairly affordable ($50 or close to it) that I am just not thinking of.

Maybe a laptop bag? Especially the type where you can strap it in with Velcro and it has little compartments for cables etc

Was always a pain back in the day.

I had a purpose made Wii carry bag, still should have it somewhere…

I usually use bubble wrap when transporting consoles in a backpack. But yeah, one of those bigger laptop/electronics bags that have space for cables and accessories should work.

I love those carrying cases that the recent mini consoles had, wish there were some for the regular sized systems, too.

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I remember lugging my OG Xbox around in my backpack and riding to friends places. Probably don’t do that since the DVD drive got noticeably worse as time went on.

What about a knock-off pelican case from aliexpress or amazon? Should be able to find something for about $30-$40.

There are also wii carrying bags with the wii logo and everything that were really popular when the console was current-gen. They are all over ebay for a decent price.

@DiscoDingo I did the same thing, as you can see it is a pattern! My Xbox has a similar disc drive problem but it is mostly in opening and closing (old belt) rather than reading.

@raskulous The official cases look fairly small for all I lug around, but those knockoff hard cases are probably the best solution long term, I’ll give them a look!

Until then I do actually have an old padded laptop bag that may squeeze everything inside. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

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