Great project to keep an eye on - LCDZapper

I’m sure some of you are aware of this already, but I have just been digging into it after my decision to go framemeister and LCD TV.

What this does is go in between your console and TV, allows you to strap a wii remote on to your zapper, and enables you to play light gun games on your modern LCD TV.

The developer has done an interview on RetroRGB, and I’m really excited for the project.

I’m trying to bring awareness to the project, and give the developer some love, so he can keep going on creating saleable versions of this.

Here’s the developer’s official page:

Discussion is found under the “issues” tab at the top.

Here’s the interview with RetroRGB:

I hope everyone takes a look. A project like this is invaluable for keeping light gun games alive in the future.


Aw man this was my next thread! It’s definitely a worthwhile project.

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As a fan of Virtua Cop with no CRT, this fills me with hope for the future.

Hey all, great news. Charcole has finished his design, and is taking pre-orders on this website:

It’s $90 with one cable. So far he’s got universal, NES, and Saturn cables. It’s expected to ship in December. I’ve committed to buy one box w/NES cable, and a universal.

Super excited, and I can’t wait to get one.

Awesome! I’ll be preordering one as well

In that early prototype video he posted there was Wii style pointer lag, I’m guessing that’s still the case for the final? I don’t want to poo poo this but I can see that being annoying to use for certain games like point blank. I know there’s no alternative for LCDs and original lightguns but I do hope there will be more endeavors to come.

Well, I paid my invoice, so this should be shipping soon. I’ll have to try it out when I receive it. I hope ti’s not a disappointment, but this would be the last step in me getting rid of my 36" tube tv.

I’ll probably order one of these once some impressions come out.

I pray to God that this works for the Saturn as that is the machine with the best light gun games. NES, phiff, no thanks.

I believe you just need a Saturn cable. I think he’s working on it.

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Oh man, I hope so. I would love to get back in to Virtua Cop 1 and 2, House of the Dead and even some of the quirky games such as Hakken and Mighty Hits. Would also love a Dreamcast option.

Edit: just saw the site. Bummer, composite video? Sorry, that’s not for me. Way too much messing about with cables. Why not RGB or even hdmi :frowning:

You can buy an RGB cable that splits out the sync signal for lightgun games.

Interesting. I didn’t know about that. Thanks for the info.

Right now I only see Playstation cables, but I’m sure they can make cables for other consoles.

I got mine in the mail today. Another purchaser posted a video of his:

Any chance you have an RGB display to test it on?

No, I don’t. I have a framemeister, but haven’t hooked it up yet.