GunCon2 shooting games... Taking down Virtua baddies by the hundreds!

Hey guys,

I’m curious as to what kind of love the Gun shooting genre gets on this board, specifically regarding GunCon2 compatible games.

I’ve recently really gotten into some of the games I own that support the GunCon2, which may be the best gun peripheral ever developed in my opinion. :slight_smile:

My favorite, perhaps (who am I kidding…) - definitely nostalgia driven, is Virtua Cop Re-Birth… Arcade perfect SEGA love on the PS2! :stuck_out_tongue:

Namco supported its peripheral the most, with a bunch of amazing Gun games…

Would be interested in your opinions/recommendations!


As a Master System kid, the best on the system in my opinion is Shooting Gallery. It’s got great music and it’s pretty tough! Shoot blimps, balloons, balls and turbo speed ducks!


If you think this is just another shoot 'em up game, think again.

Nothing demands more skill, more daring, more intense game-play than SHOOTING GALLERY.

And hopefully, you’ve got what it takes to survive. A keen eye. A steady hand. And the invincible Sega Light Phaser™ that actually records misses.

If you aim straight and aim on target, just maybe you’ll be able to shoot everything from iron-clad Spaceships to incredibly fast Blimps.

But don’t despair if the going gets tough. Because it gets tough for everyone.

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Oh man, I remember playing Safari Hunt on the SMS when I was young. Loved the feel of the Sega gun, much more than Nintendo’s offering at the time! :slight_smile:

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Totally agree, I still think the SMS Phaser feels much better than the “CLANG” of the NES guns.

The SMS pubes aren’t as reliable though, I have two, and they’re both out of alignment. Luckily it can be fixed fairly easily, and replacement phasers are only about $15.

I still have my Phaser from when I was young, though I haven’t played with it in years. I wonder if it still works… You’ve made me curious raskulous (thanks btw! :)), I might just test it tonight!

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Crisis Zone is worth a look. Same hide-and-pop gameplay as Time Crisis, but with a machine gun.

There are also the two Capcom Gun Survivor games.

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I love light gun games but I gave up on them on the PS2 generation. I played a lot of Virtua Cop on the Saturn and bought a guncon for the PS1 last year, but the PS2 is plugged to a 480p TV. That means no guncon2 for me, unless the games have a 480p mode?

That was a great generation to be into them, as @stereoasis’s picture in the op shows. Was so many good ones and the GunCon2 was great.

When I get more space I want to have a setup dedicated just to the light gun games. Well when I get more space and find a bigger CRT just for that purpose. So probably never.

I have no light guns or games right now. I really need to change that. It’s one of my favorite genres but don’t want to invest too much cash in new guns.

Some of my favorites:

Virtual Cop
Jurassic Park arcade

I really hope more light gun style games come out for PSVR. VR feels like the perfect medium for that sort of thing.

Agreed Peltz, the 2 first House of the Dead games are absolute classics. I wish there was a way to play them with a GunCon…

As for VR, are there already some games that simulate the arcade experience on PSVR?

bububut Gangster Town

I have it, but my light phaser has been broken since I got it, so I haven’t had the chance to play it. I’d like to!

I bought a CG2 and several games a while back. I need to test out more of the games but the few that I did seemed to experience some … drift of some sort? My accuracy noticeable changed after 20-30 minutes of play. I wasn’t drinking or anything, lol. Anyone heard of this? I was using a CRT in a dark room.

Imagine how good you’d be with some drinks in you!

I had the GunCon2 and Time Crisis 2 as a kid.

I used to love playing TC2 on PS2. I always found it kinda cool that you had a dual-wield option that had the game in full screen with two guns/players. Used to always use that when playing it with friends as the two screens were way too tiny on a regular 4:3 CRT.

Surprisingly never actually played any of the other PS2 lightgun games. I will say though that Time Crisis 3 and Crisis Zone were fantastic in the arcades.

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I can attest to TC3 and CZ being awesome on the PS2 as well… they’re both timeless! (sorry, easy pun there! :smiley:)

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I wish I played TC3 on PS2! Spent so much money in the arcades in the 2000s playing it haha

Felt like I pretty much had the game down to a few credits.

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I borrowed a G-Con 2 years ago and played quite a few games through it on my PS2. Vampire Night is cool, the Virtua Cop collection and of course Time Crisis 2.

I’d recommend Resident Evil Dead Aim too. Blends nicely walking gameplay with the d-pad and then you need to raise your gun to enter shooting mode. Good fun!

You can place an ordinary controller on the floor in Time Crisis 2 for pressing the button to pop out of hideout I believe, or was that TC1?!

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Interesting about the second controller. Would be neat to rig up a Rock Band bass drum pedal to do that!

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I need to buy some used Guncon 2s. The ones I have are still new and at this point I probably shouldn’t open them.

I also need to buy some Guncon 3s so I can play Razing Storm.