Great YouTube Documentary Retro Gaming Videos

I wasn’t sure where to put this. They apparently just started in the beginning of October.

There are more… Shinji Mikami… Saori Kobayashi playing Panzer music… and more on the way. Turn on subtitles and have your hair stand on end like mine did when Takenobu sings Daytona!

There is a growing bunch of this kind of thing on YouTube. Professional productions that talk to original Japanese creators. I eat this stuff up. I’m sure many of you do too. My favorite thing I can watch again and again is Diggin’ in the Carts from Red Bull Music Academy…

If you’ve got others, by all means put them in here so we can find them when we have time, and keep an eye on that Archipel channel for more!



Previously from Archipel: A Dream Cast

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Oh man… if you guys haven’t seen the Ahoy videos about various gaming related things, you’re missing out on some of the best documentary work on YouTube in my opinion.

He has documentaries on the first ever video game, exploding barrels in games, the rocket launcher, zombies, and several about specific games like Quake and Wolfenstein. They’re incredibly well done.

Another favorite of mine if you’re into speedrunning is summoningsalt. He does incredible deep-dive history videos into specific games. Mario 64, SMW, Punch-out, Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden, and many more.

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Thanks @DaveLong, just walking around all morning singing “Daytona! Let’s go away!” Lol. I’ll have to check out their other videos.

The “A Dream Cast” videos were really good. I watched them back when they were released. I keep holding out hope for a Segagaga translation patch. Konamiamiami or Namcococo would have been fun in an alternate universe.


You’re welcome!

I watched the Shinji Mikami two parter and there is so much awesome in that one too including some of him talking about Ghostwire Tokyo which looks brilliant and looks like the sort of game only Japan can produce.

This video about Doom while not specifically a documentary is probably my favourite thing on all of YouTube. Definitely recommend it despite the long run time

This channel has a load of arcade documentaries:

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I’ve watched a bunch of those, they’re great.

Saw this recommended recently, I enjoyed this video on the history of Falcom. Well researched and informative.


Added to watch list.

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New series from gamepres

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Great channel about collectors around the world. Season 3 is all about Japan, some incredible console and arcade collections there. Most video’s have English subs.

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Inside Lens: Game Preservation Society


I just watched Playhistoire 1&2. :pleading_face:

History of the Famicom (subbed by shmuplations)


Started watching… Kojima in there! Looks good.

I’m really glad folks have added more videos!

A lot to catch up on here, thanks so much everyone for sharing these finds!

Just hopped on this and was hooked!

Really appreciated what was said here about the price rises over the last two decades:

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The middle segment showing expert Defender gameplay is brilliant.

The rest is so… surreal. The music especially.

Trippy stuff.

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