Gscart products back on sale TODAY

The Gscartsw and Gcompsw are back on sale today, January 2nd, at 10am est for anyone in the market!

After my scart switch died yesterday I’ll be grabbing a Gscart while crying about the CAD conversion.

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Is it just the “lite” that is going to be up? Noticed the normal is listed as discontinued, and I held back on getting it last time. :c

Based on the description of the lite I don’t think the original is coming back.

Yeah just read through all the stuff. The last time I was in the position to buy one was right when the lite was coming out and I decided to wait to see where it went from there. Looks like there is no downside to it as long as I didn’t want to use VGA.

I mean, they look cool. But I still don’t really understand the appeal of these products considering the price. Component switches cost 30 bucks at most. And 2 bandridge SCART switches are cheaper than 1 of these.

I am not knocking them, but am genuinely curious why people are willing to pay so much for switches. There are cheaper ways to get a clean setup.

Banbridge switches are getting hard to find and the gscart includes several features the other switches do not have. I don’t know his build costs but it does seem quite expensive. It’s also nice to support someone from within the community who is filling a niche with a premium product.

It’s like how I don’t understand why someone would play Metal Slug when they could play Contra :wink:

Its the simplicity of it. Finding good Bandridge switchers has not been easy, least on my end. Plus they’re expensive and need some modding to be done so that they don’t send voltages back through the scart lines.

To service all of my scart needs with automatic switching, I would need 2 bandridge auto switchers (which puts you in the same price range age the gscartsw-lite), and that’s 2 power ports being used. Plus now I need a second scart lead to run between the two switchers, that take up even more space. I could have gone manual but then I’d need to keep a sheet marked with what system is what for selecting, and need to come up with space for them to live where I can access them to make the switch.

For me it just came down to the convenience of the gscartsw-lite. 1 unit, 1 plug, don’t have to see it or touch it for it to switch inputs.

I think it all comes down to your needs, if you have 3 or 4 systems then the gscartsw-lite is probably overkill, and the bandridge is the way to go. When you start getting up there in system count though the gscartsw-lite is really appealing.

I’ll give it to you on component switchers though. I also find it weird how they plug in from the top, which can make sense for scart but is a bit weird with RCA leads.

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I haven’t tested my gscartlite yet, but the build quality is top notch.

I need a quality scart cable to serve as the “main” connection between my scart-switch to (Bandridge) and display (male/male ends.)

Any suggestions?

Retro console accessories makes a heavily shielded cable which costs more than her standard cables. She will make you a plain Male to Male SCART cable in that format if you request it. (If it’s not already on her site).

It’s worth the investment.

Good call. I ordered my other cables from her, but I was hoping it could find something of decent quality a little cheaper elsewhere. (The exchange rate and shipping are a hard pill to swallow.)

I dunno…I’m happy with my Bandridge and Hama switches that cost me £40 combined.

I was eyeing up the gscartw for a while, but I really can’t justify the cost anymore.

The Gscartsw is the best RGB switch box I’ve ever used and I’ve used many since 1988. Sure, it’s not cheap but it is of excellent build quality and provides a fantastic image. I was lucky to get the first ever Japanese 21pin version from him.
I’d never recommend anything over this and that includes the Micomsoft Selecty 21 box.

I just wish it stopped popping up on sale at the same exact time I just spent a ton of monies elsewhere. Hopefully I’ll get it next time.

My gscart came yesterday and it gets 2 thumbs up from me. It’s a premium product for a premium price and it absolutely delivers

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He’s gotten pretty good/consistent with having stock every like 2 months or so.

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I’ll keep a closer eye on it I guess. I only notice when a thread like this pops up in one of the places I browse regularly, and this is the only forum I’m doing that with now. :3

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