RIP Otaku Games?

late last year, i’d ordered that fancy 10 slot RGB switch that i wanna say someone on here had recommended? i was taking inventory of all the silly shit i’d bought last march or so, and realized i’d been charged & left with a “processing” status on the website since.

i’ve emailed, hit up their social media & site, heard nothing. i commented on a twitter post about my worries, and had a few replies - one yesterday painted a pretty grim picture

maybe not much to go on, but it’s all i’m finding for the moment, and explains why an otherwise solid service seems entirely not functioning/responding. sorry to stir things up if this doesn’t seem definitive, but i’d wanted to share here just in case, because if so, it is indeed horrific…RIP to the owner if so.

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You’re talking about this site, right?

It looks like the social media stuff mostly stopped by November of last year? That’s a damn shame.

that’s the one, yeah - i feel like others have bought specific things there too? shame about the RGB switch, but yeah, looks to me like they’re gone :sob:

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Wow, that’s sad if true. I was eventually planning on buying one of their switches.

Sad news, indeed. I bought a scart/component switch from them two years ago and it’s fantastic. Was cheaper than a lot of the other options. (only $67 at the time)