GSCOMPSW 8:2 - It just got easier to go full component

So Super G is going to make an 8:2 component switch. I really like my HD Retrovision cables and I think this would make things a lot easier for many set ups. I could easily see getting this for my set up.

That is definitely a good thing, what with the hd retrovision cables. I’m now just waiting for the next version of his SCART switch to go up to finally get it though.

What would be even better would just make a super switch so you could use both.

8:2? That means 50 connectors. Thing’s gonna be as long as his SCART switches.

Yes, yessss! Give me all of the connectors! This thing will be a beast, I hope it’s in more of a GSCART/Shinybow form factor with the connectors facing up (or out if wall-mounted), dust be damned! Always loved the look of these things.

I actually don’t have much use for this after getting a Crosspoint, but after all of my bellyaching over the years about the lack of affordable, high-quality component switches I love seeing this. Plus this probably won’t be a grey metal box the size of a mid-tower PC.

One thing I don’t like is how many newer displays are completely dropping even one component input. Like my c7 doesn’t even come with an adapter for it, just component.

With the component one, I hope his 8 input one loads from the side instead of the top. An 8:2 component switch sounds fantastic and I could definitely use that, but it would literally fit no where in my set up if it loads from the top instead of the back/side loading.

I feel that for an autoswitcher how presentable it is is less of a concern. As long as it has enough inputs that you arn’t needing to switch inputs around you can just “set it and forget it” so to speak and design your setup to have it hidden/out of sight. Not everyone has that flexibility with their setup though.

Yeah it isn’t about how presentable it is, more about how much space it takes up. Those top loading ones can take up a lot of space unless you can wall mount them or something similar.