Potential harm with sharing inputs on the Otaku Game Switch for Component/SCART?

Bob from Retro RGB said NOT to use both the SCART and Component on the same input for two consoles. But if only one is turned on at a time… what’s the potetial harm?

Having this device would actually simplify my setup TREMENDOUSLY if I could use all 6 Component and Scart inputs (again, never powering on more than one console at a time).

So, if, say, on input 1, I had SNES via SCART and GCN via component and only one was turned on, what could go wrong? Heck, if both are turned on accidentally for argument’s sake what kind of damage am I looking at?

Right now, I have like 4 switches in my setup, but this would cut me down to one or two if I do it the “risky” way. So how risky is it really?

I guess it depends what you mean by power on.

Fully switched off at the wall might be fine but anything else might not be.

Good point. I guess it’s not smart.

Even if they are unplugged from the wall if the component and scart signals are wired together you would attenuate the signal and get a much darker image.


Wow, that switch is a helluva lot cheaper than the gcompsw I was looking at recently.

Yep. Gcompsw is no doubt a decent device, but I don’t believe in paying a premium for switches. Plus, passive is my preferred way of changing inputs.

Do you have a link with what Bob said?