Guess the game - Screen shot quiz

I love things like this and thought I’d start one here since I tend to play quite a bit of Retro.
Rules are simple.

  1. Post a few screen shots and see if anyone can guess what the game is and system it’s for.

  2. No obscure tinny sections of the screen allowed. You must post a full image.

  3. A new image can not be posted until the previous is guessed or 10 wrong answers are given.

So I’ll start.

Oh this will be fun! Can we piece it together as we go? For example I’m going to say I think it’s a ps1 game from capcom but I’m not sure what game exactly.

Looks like Yakuza 1 or 2.

Sure, we can piece parts together but I’m pretty sure how easy it is to get the machine for this game :slight_smile:

Sadly not but the game does feature the Russian mafia.
The backgrounds in this game are fully rendered 3D, not digital shots like in Resident Evil.

Under Cover A.D. 2025 Kei

NeoZeedeater gets it. Under Cover A.D. 2025 Kei for the Dreamcast.
It is a game with some very impressive texture work for its time. Sadly the controls are nightmarish. They’re so bad you would think the origin Resident Evil tank controls were smooth as butter compared with this game.



It’s a portable game, if that helps narrow it down.

GTA Chinatown Wars?

Looks like an ngage game


It’s not a GTA game. It is an N-Gage game.

Oh bugger, N-gage, a machine I’ve never had the pleasure to see in real life. Saying that I know what it is because of the title. I had a tough time trying to pronounce it at one point. It’s Glimmerati. Still no idea what it means though.

Yes, it’s Glimmerati. It’s one of the better exclusive games on the system.

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Ooo this will be fun

Holy crap this DC game looks great. Now I wanna play it…

Looks great but the controls are trully awful.

No idea at all.

Based on the first picture… Mass Effect Andromeda?

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Oh my God. I had a good laugh at that