RGB High Score Battle! - Battle #45: Undercover Cops


Site is updated! Here’s our current battle details:

Game: Undercover Cops
Platform(s): Arcade
Challenge Type: High Score
Game Details: Full Game, Japanese ROM
When: Feb 15th - Mar 14th, 2022
Chosen By: Yakumo

I’ve updated the website with the new game, man the periscopes!

Good luck everyone, please submit your scores via screenshot or video by replying directly to this post!


  1. Competitions last two weeks, close on Sunday night @ midnight.
  2. Post screenshots in this thread as proof.
  3. The winner from the previous week chooses the next game to play.
  4. You cannot choose twice in a row. 2nd place will choose if someone wins two weeks in a row.
  5. If there’s a tie, the person that submitted the high score first gets to choose.
  6. Games must be high score compatible (think “arcade style scores” like Pac-Man, or Spy Hunter, not Super Mario).
  7. Emulation is okay (MAME is often the best for high scores).
  8. No save state manipulation (pausing to take a break is fine though).
  9. Submit scores as soon as you get them! To keep the competition rolling and fair, do not hold on until the last moment to submit.

Points will be awarded for the entrants, based on the position finished for the week. This is to encourage wider participation, and the points will be posted each week as well as on the website.

1st: 10 points
2nd: 7 points
3rd: 5 points
4th: 3 points
5th: 2 points
Any honest attempt: 1 point

Overall, we should keep it simple. This is just a good time, not a crazy official high score competition! Game plays should ideally be short and fun so people that can’t invest hours into this can still compete. Obviously we are working on a trust based system here, so don’t ruin it for the others!

Here’s a simple website I made to keep track of the competition.

So sorry for the late update, my PC has been sh*tting the bed on me a lot lately. RMAed my motherboard, still crashing etc…

Anyway, here we go!

Hot, gonna bust out the Pi.

Wondered what happened to this :sweat_smile:
I know what I’m playing this Sunday.

I assume we’re playing Japan/Alpha Renewal and not the western ver? Should be specified because the differences are huge.

World ROM, I’ll update the OP

Undercover Cops (World) - uccops.zip

I would strongly advise against using the world version for this game. The western release of Undercover Cops is literally a beta version of the game that was released as is. This means some backgrounds are not completed, the music quality is awful and most crucially, more than half of the movelist had yet to be implemented (no alternate combos, no super desesperation move, no alternate grabs). Not only is it an uglier and less fun game, the scoring depth is much reduced as a result of the missing mechanics.

If that’s what previous week’s winner wants I won’t go against it, but I figured this needs to be said.

I’ll leave the decision up to @Yakumo, as he was the one who chose this game.

I wasn’t aware the world version was so bad. Personally, I always play the Japanese versions of games but though people would rather have an English language version.
Lets change to the Japanese release.

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The “Alpha Renewal” romset in MAME is a translation of the Japanese release. Don’t think there’s any scoring or gameplay differences that would make it incompatible for this thread.

Don’t have that. Let’s just go with the Japanese version. Story isn’t important to this game.

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Edited the OP, thanks!

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No submissions yet so here’s an uber-rusty performance yet to get things started!

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Submission coming this Sunday from me :slight_smile:

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This game is tough! Maybe I just suck at beat-em-ups… lol

Less rusty score

I’m surprised there are so little entries. This is a great game!


I hang my head in shame. Its the second score to look at. 1 credit, default settings. Got to the beginning of stage 2.

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Best I could do it seems :cold_sweat:

I had forgotten just how tough this game can be. I’ve been playing the SFC Version mostly the last year, which is a great port but man, the Arcade version just trashes it in the challenge level.

Oh man, that is one good score! What stage were you able to reach? I’m guessing up to or near the middle of stage 3.