Paprium party is live, yo

Yo, I’m live from the Paprium party, right under the motorway. It’s actually quite cool, alternative lounge if such a thing exists.

It’s8:30, No sign of the game yet.


Fonzi is telling a story. I think it’s about something that happened in Shanghai. There are too many people surrounding him, I can’t grasp everything.

The cabinet where the game is supposed to be playing. Nothing is on it.

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Now fonzie is talking about PayPal. What about the game, yo?

This is phenomenal. Keep us posted, Khaz.

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Bunch of hipsters in a fogged up warehouse with CRTs and other retro gear around and no video games being played and a guy talking about paypal.

Sounds about right.



In my imagination, I can see the buff asian man violently slamming the carts into the systems.


An e.mpty box!!!

Oh shot it’s happening

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It’s a real cartridge playing on a real console. We were playing streets of rage on it moments ago (in composite, ugh)

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Clearly a prototype still, no word on the finished product

what about it makes it look like a prototype?

The lack of shell and the wires coming out of it

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Plenty of people

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Ah - so does the game look “finished”? Probably really hard to answer. Are you able to get some screen shots?

Forget the game. Why did you get coupons for mullets?