Have you ever had a retro game/hardware related dream?

I had one last night. A new retro store had opened up in town and I came across it randomly. The place was still pretty new so most of the shelves were empty, and what games they did have there were rather pricey. However as I looked around, I came across a TurboDuo that was in rough shape, like it had been opened up, but put back together wrong. It had a sticky note on it that said “broken” on it.

Knowing that it probably just needed a recap and some TLC, I asked the guy how much he’d sell it to me for. And $20 later, I was rushing home with a broken TurboDuo! When I opened the system, there were two things I noticed: first, the capacitors were disgusting, which made me excited as I figured I could replace them and the system would work.

Second, and more interesting, was that the system wasn’t actually a TurboDuo. It had the PCE hardware on one side, with HuCard slot, etc… but instead of the CD-ROM drive, it was actually a Model 1 Genesis. I realized then why the system didn’t look like it was put together well: it was a TurboDuo case, but that wasn’t actually what the hardware was! I looked it up online, and found out that there was some limited release somewhere that combined the Genesis and PC Engine. From the pictures, it looked like a Model 1 Genesis and Model 2 Sega CD combo, except instead of the Sega CD, it was a black PC Engine.

That’s all I can remember, no word on whether I was able to get that Frankenstein hardware working. But what a cool dream, if really strange, and now I kinda want to get a TurboDuo and recap it… haha.

So, what are some of your craziest retro games/hardware related dreams?

I know a guy that dreamed he was actually getting an Omega


I have had lots. The most memorable for me was one of NiGHTS prior to the game’s release. My dream did a pretty accurate job on it considering I hadn’t seen any video footage, just screenshots.

When I was a teenager I would sometimes dream about systems that I didn’t own yet, those were the worst. Example, once I dreamt my parents had bought me a Turbo Express, felt so real, woke up and felt like doing the Charlie Brown “AAAAAUUUUGGHHHH” scream. Fortunately I got a TE not too long after that when I got my first job. Still have that TE, just need to get it recapped by someone like Keith Courage.


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OMG so hilarious.

That’s funny. I dreamt that I was playing Gex on a 3DO, I still kind of want to get one…

When I was a kid I wanted a GBC with Pokémon blue. My parents eventually got me one in my dreams, and it turned into a pop tart and I ate it.

Yes, of various kinds. I often have dreams of me just playing a specific game, dreams of me being “inside” specific games, dreams that are a mix of the last two, where I am clearly playing a game but also am the character in it, and then probably my least favorite vidya related dreams, ones like you mentioned in the OP. Where I wander upon some game shop and find something rare to buy, Then I wake up and get mad.

My main recurring one is finding a bunch of retro games for sale in a second hand store or video game store somewhere. I’m always trying to fill a shopping cart and get a sweet haul but something always happens and I don’t end up being able to buy anything.

This is probably because we don’t have any retro stores or anything like that here. It would be like a dream come true to ever see an old game for sale in a store here. My dreams give me what my heart longs for, but not quite.

Yup, that sounds like my store based ones. Finding a good spot with games I’ve been looking for and either something happening that keeps me from them, or me waking up. >:c

Ugh I know that feel. I don’t even make it to the counter half the time. The games just evaporate in my hand or trolley lol.

Sometimes (honestly pretty often) my dreams segue into videogame pick-up dreams. I’ll be having a dream, completely unreleated to games and the for some reason I’ll end up in a shop or some other location that just happens to have videogames. Ten times out of ten they’ll be rare retro games and I get all excited to pick them up, but the fucked up thing is: I never actually buy them or acquire them, I always wake up before that actually happens.

I’ll also dream about games that don’t actually exist. I’ll find myself in a shop or marketplace and find a tub of games I’ve never even heard of. Strange how that works.

/edit: I see I’m not the only one. I wonder why that is that the dream ends before you finish the deal so to speak.

Also in general my dreams operate on videogame logic.