Thread of Development Hardware, Prototype Hardware, and related cool stuff

In this thread, let’s post pictures and information about cool hardware that was never available (or rarely available) to consumers. You know the type: devkits, Kiosks, Prototypes, etc. Even if it doesn’t cleanly fit these categories, by all means feel free to include it if it’s cool and/or obscure.

I’ll start us off with one of the most modern examples I could think of:


Pictured above, a final Switch devkit. Unlike most devkits, it’s nearly identical looking to a retail unit, with the only visual exception being that it has black joycons. I have no clue whether there are any other hardware differences, however. Most kits generally have beefed up specs compared to those at retail.

Here’s another one that I got to personally experience as a kid, although I can’t find an actual picture:


Nintendo Gateway system. Basically, for an hourly rate in some airlines, you could play a few SNES games in a small screen in the monitor embedded in the seat in front of you. On a long flight home during a family vacation, I got to play F-Zero, Kirby’s Dreamcourse, and SMW because my parents decided to pay the hourly rate (bless them). It was very novel at the time. Here’s what I think was probably the UI, but bear in mind I’m trying to remember something from 20 or so years ago:


So, by all means, let’s fill this thread with other cool stuff. I’m looking forward to seeing what you all dig up.


Here are some pics (apologies for the poor quality) of my original Dreamcast retail kiosk.
Won on ebay for £51, I collected it from a local community centre.
I replaced the controllers and VMU’s and did a basic clean and refurb of the unit, I also added blue LED backlights.
Had a hell of a job getting it upstairs to my spare room!
The unit worked well but I eventually had to sell it as we needed the spare room for our new baby.
It wasn’t the most comfortable of things to use even when sitting on a chair but it was a great centre piece/novelty to have.

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Just saw a Sega Saturn Mirage Universal CD Emulator Development kit up on Yahoo Auctions:

Never heard of it before but apparently according to SEGA Retro:

It is hardware-based real-time CD-ROM emulation system when connected to a target machine or games console and acts as a transparent substitute for that machine’s CD-ROM drive.

Never knew these existed before and sounds rather interesting!

I’ve had this for years but I’m just now getting around to having it framed.