Help... Saturn power supply transplant questions...


So I have a white JP Saturn on the way, and a spare broken PAL Saturn already here which I plan to poach the power supply from.

As far as I can figure, they should both be using Type C power supplies, but I’m aware that PAL has 5 pins while NTSC has 4 pins.

My question is… can I transplant it anyway since the 4 pins I need are the same? Could I just leave pin 5 disconnected?

TIA… I’ll add some more info and pics later if that’s helpful!


I remember wanting to do the same but never got around to it. The folks over on the Sega Saturn group forums would know for sure if you want to ask directly but I did have this thread bookmarked which might be of interest:

So being impatient like I am I thought I should swap a pal psu into the dead machine. Tested all the pins with a multi meter and it looked sweet, and the Japanese Saturn doesn’t require the 9/12v pin from the pal psu. Plugged it in and its working great. The main reason I’m posting this is that I couldn’t find an example of anyone doing this without some sort of modification. So that if there are others out there wanting to know it can be done assuming you have the right Saturn and the right psu etc.

No mention of board type though. I’m guessing the 9/12v must be for AV/RGB switching.


That sounds promising actually as it sounds like they’re described a Type C. Thanks!