Terra Onion releases limited Neo Geo MVS Cart

It’s pricey, but Terra Onion makes great products. Also has NeoGeo CD support.


Too rich for my blood. What’s the difference between the pro and other version?

Neo CD games and it works as a 4slot rather than 1 slot.

damn! still need a neo SD+ for my AES one day…don’t think that one does CD though, that’s awesome

AES version also support CD btw. It was patched via firmware. The MVS version is probably the most versatile of the bunch since it works with AES via convertors and MVS cabs and consolized MVS

Just remember, CD support only allows for Mono sound.

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nice! stupid question but can CD games be played without the hardware for them, then?

Correct. You’ll need to dump the ISOs

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Hi all,

There’s doing a final run. For real this time haha. Looks like the last run showed a lot demand.

What’s the difference between the pro and regular neo groups flash carts?

4 slot and Neo Geo CD support (mono sound only, tho)

To clarify on 4 slot, you able to have 4 games loaded the FlashRAM for quick access.

Here’s a good review on this: