Share your non-standard gaming controllers! [img heavy]

So I had originally intended this to be a thread for arcade sticks, but MarkMan I am not! Plus I thought it’d be more fun to broaden the theme and see what else is out there. So yeah, anything outside of your basic standard controllers…feel free to share here :slight_smile: I’ll start!

Some clarification on my end:

DJ Dao Pop’n Music Controller:

Killer Instinct TE2 stick modded with Berserk artwork:

Custom stick:

x360 TE Stick with modded artwork & buttons:

Sega HSS-0130 modded with x360 pads and Blast City panel:

Stock Sega HSS-0130:

PS1 Namco Stick:


Roccat Sova Lap Board:

A dusty Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel:

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That HSS - 010 is sweet

Whoops. Thanks for catching my typo lol. Should read HSS-0130 :slight_smile:

Right. Same thing

Very jealous of that Pop’n Music controller. I tried really hard for a while to get one of those for a reasonable price, but couldn’t.

I’ve got a couple arcade sticks but those don’t seem non-standard to me.

I happened to catch the Pop’N Music controller when it had free shipping which made the difference for me.

And hey like I said this was originally gonna be an arcade stick thread :slight_smile: Please feel free to share!

But really I just meant anything besides the standard gamepad that comes with the standard normal edition system. Could be an arcade stick, a wavebird, an SNES turbo controller (I loved my ascii model), or a cool special edition standard controller. I just wanna see some cool controllers :slight_smile:

Here are some of mine

Awesome! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

My pride and joy:

It’s a wii classic controller padhacked into a bourbon box.

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here is one I am less proud of:

Love it, even though I botched the paint.


Those are both fucking amazing :flushed:

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Where business is done.

Modded DC stick with all Semitsu parts. Although this is going to be retired soon, planning on making a couple new joysticks next month. :slight_smile:

thank you! The McDonald’s one is a Saturn Eclipse pad.

I have a stock green goblin Dreamcast stick and I’m actually fairly happy with the stick itself. Those stock buttons, however, are another story. You really have to push them dead center to ensure they properly register.

Pushing a button outside the center can cause it to not register your input on occasion as they have a substantial amount of “jiggle” to them and don’t travel straight down in uniform fashion like a good arcade quality part would.

The Manta Ray… what is it? I LOVE IT.

Yeah, I recall the original buttons being kind of wonky now that you mention it. But honestly, once you switch over to using actual arcade parts, even the joystick will feel clumsy.

The nice thing with this controller is the layout is perfect, the spacing between joystick and buttons is very comfortable, and it’s a real easy one to mod (this was my first arcade stick that I modded myself, a dremel is basically all you need). Over the years I cleaned up the original (poor) wiring job that I did, internally it’s super clean now, with all quick release plugs for easy part replacement. :smiley:

It’s an Amiga/Atari-ST era joystick that you hold in the palm of your hand. Ha!

To be honest, it was a but too big for me back in the day. Not ergonomic enough.

Similar to the Konix Speedking.

My favourite joystick from that era is The Arcade manufactured by Suzo/Happ.

I’ve also got a one-handed ASCII Grip controller for PSX

I need that ASCII grip so I can more easily rpg grind while I browse my phone.

Ha! There’s a second version with an analog stick for PS2.

And HORI do a tiny one for PSX.


What system is this for? Looks cool.