How long does retro access usually take to ship a cable?

I ordered 2 weeks ago and have a confirmation email, then radio silence. I sent an email asking when the projected ship date is, and did not get an answer.

I’m just curious if this is expected behavior. I ordered from her years ago on her eBay listing, but don’t remember the same long wait time/silence.

I don’t mind waiting or anything, I’m just curious if this tracks with other people’s experiences.

As someone who backs that site at every chance, no, that’s not expected. May be backup with the current situation or even stuck in the mail as I’ve had a few things be recently, but every time I’ve had a question or sent an email to them I’ve gotten a fairly fast response.

I could have sworn on Twitter, they mentioned being way backed up. That order volume has been crazy and they were looking at up to 1 or 2 months I think to get everything out.

Just checked their site and seeing as their next projected time they are opening orders is the end of August, yeah I’m sure they are working though a ton of orders. Not really an excuse for no contact, but maybe a good explanation.

I forgot how long hobby devices can take to ship in general. Haven’t ordered one in ages.

It goes to show that you really need to be extra careful with stuff, because when it breaks, it can take a while before you get a replacement.

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