How many of you are playing modern games on a PC?

Interested in this since we are at the beginning of a new gen and I ask myself yet again if I should buy consoles or just upgrade my PC (will do both probably).

I tend to be pretty much 50/50 since there are genres like FPS that I just enjoy way more on PC and others, like JRPGs, I just enjoy more on a console. Don’t know why.

What about you?

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I am, I do it a lot, heck I got a new PC recently!

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I definitely do, but right now I’m playing Super Mario 64 PC because that just feels like magic. (I dumped the game with my Retrode, in case that matters to anyone.)

And I am waiting for the rumored Switch version since I don’t think I would replay the game twice in a short amount of time.

I definitely play modern games on PC, and with Microsoft’s current plan of not really having exclusives on Xbox One, I’ll always play their stuff on PC instead of on a console. Series X isn’t really on my radar because of that.

PlayStation 5 though, I will definitely buy, for exclusives alone. Same with any future Nintendo offering.

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If something is only available on PC I will - Space Mouse 2 is hitting the platform in June and I’m there. Otherwise it’s not my main way of playing multiplatform games.

I play Peggle sometimes on my laptop…


… I’ll see my way out.

I also mainly play on PC. I was console exclusive for the past 20 years or so, but decided to build a respectable PC last year to do some multiplayer with some friends and also play the then latest games (such as Resident Evil 2) at the highest settings.

Couldn’t quite play RE2 much as I don’t want to have a heart attack in front of my computer, but it runs perfectly! :sweat_smile:

Joking aside, I regretted not having a PC to play games on for so long. The flexibility and amount of options are endless if you don’t mind tinkering from time to time.

I have a PC that I built in 2013 for 1080p gaming, I’ve recently had some windows 10 issues so had to do a clean install, It’s all running well now but I have been considering building a new PC for the past 2 years, I just can’t justify it as it’s more than capable of running my games very well.
(still rocking my original GTX770)
I have gamepass ultimate and an Xbox one, 80% of my gaming is done on PC.
Considering the current price of PC components and the specs of the new Xbox series X, I now think I will just keep my current PC setup and buy the series X, that gives me the opportunity to play new games on my 4K tv and continue playing my PC games on my monitor.
It looks like I have the minimum specs to run the new Microsoft flight simulator too! So may just see how that runs on my PC before making a final decision.

I’ve got a pretty massive steam and pc game library. I’ve got two gaming pcs. One main pc and a pc hooked up to my tv. I use it for 4k gaming and emulation. Only thing with pc is I find myself getting constantly distracted.

Yeah I have over 200 games on Steam and there’s plenty more for me to get.

Hey folks,
I’m looking at purchasing a native controller for windows gaming, and was thinking the new Microsoft series X\S one looks pretty good.
Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations against these.

I’m open to Xbox one, dual shock 4, dual sense, or switch pro too. I just want plug and play, with native connectivity in windows games, and reliability and longevity in mind.

I’ve been using a dual shock 2 with adaptor, but no rumble support, and a joy2key profile for each game is a bit tedious.
The analogue sticks are giving some incorrect inputs now and then too, despite cleaning.

I would need to get a Bluetooth dongle as well, as my PC has no BT card, or space for a pcie expansion.
Is a genuine Microsoft dongle required, or do 3rd party ones work well enough?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Edit: I have discovered that xbone controllers use either BT, or 2.4ghz with dongle.
I’m doing more research into which is better.

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I’m still using the Xbox One controller I bought back in 2014, has a clacky D-Pad with metal domes under it. It does the job.

I’ve read good things about the D-Pad on the new Series X/S controller, for what it’s worth.


I’ve been playing a ton of Cyberpunk on my laptop hooked up to my TV using a Dual Sense and I’ve been loving it.

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Thanks guys. :+1:

I’ll just have to bite the bullet with one of the big 2 and see how I go.

@Danexmurder : Do you need a third party app to get the DualSense controller working on PC?

I was leaning towards getting one but ultimately decided on getting a Xbox Series controller as it just works out of the box (and was discounted over the holidays).

I’m still interested in messing around with a DualSense, just looking for some feedback. :slight_smile:


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I don’t think there is native windows support for it yet but Steam recognizes it just fine.

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Awesome, thanks for confirming!

I’m a lifelong PC gamer, and got into PCs in the 386/486 era.

Before that I was into commodore computers from the VIC-20 through to the Amiga 1200.

I’ve been building my own systems since the early pentium days, too, so keeping up with the current hardware trends is something I’ve done for a couple decades at this point.

That said, I am also a console gamer, and have had an interest in them since the Colecovision and Master System.

I just don’t really care for the modern consoles, as I don’t feel the exclusives they have offer enough over modern PC gaming, and most titles in interested in are multi-platform.

I did buy a switch for Zelda though. Easily worth it.

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My family never really had a PC growing up, but I always wanted one. Built my first machine in 2011 and I have never regretted it.

Between the power and flexibility of a good PC, it is really hard to beat if you want to play certain games or do other things like stream or create content. With paid online the norm on consoles now (along with higher game prices than PC) it is also fairly easy to recoup the price difference if you upgrade every 5 years or so and play online regularly.

Consoles are still great though. I appreciate what the big three have going with dedicated machines that are way more affordable and punch above their price range so more folks can play games. My wife prefers the simplicity of consoles and there are a few exclusives that I like which means we keep up to date with Sony and Nintendo consoles. No PS5 yet though.

Also, I’m a big fan of Xbox controllers. As other have said they just work (a friend was trying to get a DS4 working on Sea of Thieves last night and even though I think of it as easy to do, he had a few problems which took him 30 minutes to iron out), and the overall quality of the build and buttons has been great for me from the original Xbox days. Not tried the new Series controllers but I will probably grab one within the next few months.

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