How to pack up CRTs to move them safely?

I’m moving in a month and need to pack up my 3 PVMs to move them safely. Any advice for packing them to protect them? I want something as full proof as possible.

It’s only a 45 minute drive or so, but still. My CRTs are the most prized items in my entire collection. I need to give them a nice cushy ride.

Any advice of what kind of boxes or inserts I could buy would be helpful.

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I just put them in the back of my car and drove, lol. Maybe not the best plan, but I also only moved about 15 minutes away.

You probably don’t need to pack it like you are going to ship it, but I recall this SpiderWaffle interview from retrorgb talking about packing them to ship that could give you some ideas:

Yeah car and blankets and DIY. Not in the main van

What is your travel situation? Since it would be easy to say just drive them yourself and don’t pack them at all but that doesn’t really work if all you have other then the moving truck is a small car.

Every time I’ve moved or picked up any kind of CRT I’ve borrowed an SUV just just put them flat in the back with some pillows to prevent movement and a blanket if necessary.

Don’t know if this is the best way or good advice but I’ve always put them in a footwell if possible, (only really works for 14in models), or I’ve put them in all of the passinger seats with blankets/covers with the screens facing the back of the seats & I’ve put their seatbelts on. Then drove as carefully & smoothly as possible thinking about the route & the state of the roads before setting off.

We have our own SUV, so maybe we’ll drive them separately.

In 2004 I put my 27" JVC D-Series in the back seat of my corolla and drove from Seattle to Chicago, then back two years later, lol. No issues at all. A readily available (in 2004) CRT vs a 20L5 in 2020 are in different leagues though.

Think you might be worrying too much. When I had to move last year several of my CRT monitors just went in the back seat/boot of a car and a few were transported on a sack truck just with padding against the glass screen.

CRT’s are quite hardy under normal transport circumstances.

Only real worries are scratching the CRT glass and possible damage to the neck board if they are dropped. I think the amount of damaged CRT coming out of courier/postal services ends up giving people the impression that they are fragile to move when that is not really the case.

If you have ever worked in a sorting office you will see the huge drops parcels take down conveyors and then often thrown by hand into the back of vehicles and then having tonnes of other mail thrown on top of them because you just aren’t allowed the time to take care of packages. It is rather horrifying to see in person what happens to our mail…

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Gotcha, having a real CRT & open cart surgeon comment on this actually helps with my concerns.

I’ll still baby the monitors, but not with quite as much worry. To protect the glass, I’ll use a bunch of bubble wrap and a blanket or two, then a box with some packing peanuts/extra cardboard to cushion everything.

Transporting and installing everything is so insane. This is my first major move since I got deep into the retro scene, purchased CRTs, and got all my shelves installed/mounted. Moving was not something I foresaw happening for much longer, but work and family considerations came up that I could not avoid.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to settle down somewhere more permanently after the two years are up and only have to go through this one more time for the long haul. COVID-19 made me realize that I really want to leave the city life behind and settle into something a bit more spacious in a more nature-like neighborhood.

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So this means that we’ll get to see a new retro setup from you in due time? :slight_smile:

I hope the move goes well!

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Thanks dude. In due time indeed.

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Are you staying in the city?

Nope. Moving to Jersey City for 2 years. After that, not sure where to next.

Today is the big day. Moving. I already transferred the 20L5 safely yesterday.

But now comes for all my furniture, shelving, consoles, games, possessions, etc. I feel like I spent over 40 hours just on packing and prepping for this moment. Wish me luck!

I really hope the movers are careful :pray:t2: