I'm building a NeoGeo CMVS! Progress and Details! (Round 2!)


Finished :slight_smile: just need to put the top cover on after I’ve given it a bit more filing. Very very happy with it. Audio quality is fantastic and the video is superb. And it’s tiny!

Yay, two weeks of effort well paid off. I think this is my best mod yet. The blue led is a nice finish, it’s not noticeable in photos but is a match for the NT Minis in real life.

Time for windjammers

Edit: lastly, a size comparison against the quite small Super NT


Nicely done Rich. I love the understated look of it.


Thanks :smiley:

I’ve got one little scratch on the front - but all things considered, that’s minor - and my black metal paint will fix it up perfectly. I didn’t have enough room or effort to add a power switch but I can easily build an inbetween switch so that’s not an issue at all! All of our UK plug sockets have an on/off switch, so it’s fine for now.

It’s just fantastic being able to turn it on and leap right into a game of windjammers or metal slug within seconds. I’ll definitely invest in a neo sd pro in the future for sure.

I do plan on building another in the future and maybe selling this one - but I’d definitely go the CNC milling route. fuck working with aluminum by hand. holy fuck it’s a nightmare.


Looks great Rich! You’ve done an amazing job!


That looks smaller than the AES! I didn’t realise how small it was until you put it next to the Super NT. Well done on the mod.


Yep, it’s much smaller than the AES, with an added 5mm height.

AES is 325 × 237 × 60 mm

My CMVS is 220 x 165 x 65 mm


Looks great!


@Rich is this your Twitter account?

If not, someone is reposting your build! (and linking your reddit post)


Nope…not mine

I’ll edit the Reddit post lol


Oh, one last photo for now -

Just to show how little room I had to work with!!


She’s a beaut!


That’s packed! Nice work. If I wasn’t so fixated on owning a Big Red some day, I’d totally do something like that.

The dude on Twitter… that’s bullshit.


Looking at his posts it looks like it could be a bot that just pulls from r/retrogaming


I think it is…for the time being I’ve left a small comment!


Ha, love it. I guess it’s the ultimate form of flattery right? If you’re going to keep doing such quality work you’re going to have to start watermarking your stuff!


Some people suck.


Guess what? I’ve got another MV1C on the way!

I’ll be doing another build at some point with it. Same casing, but improving on everything and adding some other neat extras.

Won’t be for a while though as I have work, home life and my degree keeping me busy next month.

edit: few notes on what I’ll aim for next

  • Much better cuts, likely using milling as I remembered my uncle is a steel fabricator
  • AES style design and logo (screen printing)
  • Integrated OSSC with HDMI output (yes, seriously. I’m going all fucking out on this one). I have enough room to place an OSSC board under the MVS one, and I can reroute the LCD screen and receiver to the side and front. It would obviously need an additional power input - but wouldn’t it be awesome?!


Cross-posting, but did SNK just announce new hardware?


Likely emulation of course, but I don’t have much hope in quality after the X though…

I’d love to be proved wrong though!


Yea, I’m thinking it’s likely a 1p Bartop arcade machine with emulation/lcd screen. I’d love if the screen were native res with the games. But I doubt they are sourcing them that well with screen manufacturers.

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