I'm building a NeoGeo CMVS! Progress and Details! (Round 2!)


MVS? You need blue and white like the lovely Japanese cabs!


It should! :slight_smile:


Wood panel veneer vinyl wrap! :wink:


Alright…I’ve just polished up the plates and added the ports. Definitely thinking of keeping it grey…


That looks great, it goes with what you’ve already got going on there too.




Dat line-up


Looks great - well done!


Thanks! Not done yet though…! I would be, but I’ve been too busy with work, friends and family recently. The next free day I have will have it finished.

I’ve realised I can’t just mount the board directly to the base plate. I’m gonna have to mount a board of acrylic and then mount the MVS board to that. I guess it’ll look tidier, be a bit more stable and would also give room underneath for the THS7316 rgb board and wiring