Ion Maiden : A brand new FPS being published by 3D Realms, and it uses the BUILD Engine

A throw back to 1996! If it can live up to the fame of Duke3D and Blood, this might turn out to be a really good game.


A throw back to 2018,

Still, boss as fuck.

Yeah I chuckled a bit at the “coming 2018” bit haha

Is it out now?

Sort of, it’s in early access on Steam. Playable, but not finished yet.


Wow… I can clearly see how people would think that this game is actually a shitty JRPG wannabe mobile POS! THEY ARE IDENTICAL! /s

They didn’t copy the font, the likeness of the art, the sounds, or the music. But it says “maiden”…


Also, it’s funny that CNN called them “3D Realm” in the article.

It took me a couple days after this was announced to realize it wasn’t called “Iron Maiden” so yeah it might be a little too similar.

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Same here. I thought it was Iron Maiden too.

Yeah, I also thought it was Iron Maiden.

BUT, an iron maiden is an actual thing that existed before the band. I’m not a lawyer, but that seems like there would be some wiggle room.

The suit also talks about specific assets and characters that are trademarked, but I haven’t played the game so I wouldn’t know.

If I were a dying rock band, I would protect my legacy as much as possible also, so I can’t blame them. They do have a cool pinball game, so it’s not like they’re unfamiliar in the gaming sphere.

Which is 15th August.