Nox Archaist, a new RPG for your Apple ][, now on Kickstarter

Right, so I don’t even own an Apple II and shipping to outside the US is outrageous. Still, it looks like a fun project, the game seem very cool (an Apple ][ RPG with modern game design sensibilities). I’ve always wanted to delve into those really old RPGs like Ultima and Bard’s Tale, but was afraid they would be too barebones or dry for someone who didn’t get to experience them at the time. This seem the perfect way to ease myself into the genre!


This looks amazing. I have great memories of playing Ultima and Bard’s Tale on my Apple IIgs, and this is scratching that nostalgic itch big time.

This game looks awesome. The rainbow colored text of the Apple 2 line always brings back fond memories. There all so many cool games being made right now for older computers.

Nice. I reckon a lot of stuff done on vintage computers could use modern techniques to create the same vibes as back then, but less hassle and jank.

Apple 2 was a bit before my time though, I had access to games on early macs as the first ‘computer’ games (as well as C64). The ancient computers they had at public school were Apple IIe though I think? Pretty sure they were only green screens though? And year this:

Link for the lazy!