M2 adding ESP Ra. De. to their Shot Triggers line, and making a new Aleste game

While no platforms have been announced M2 has announced that they’re bring ESP Ra. De. to their Shot Triggers line and it looks like a new Aleste is coming next year.

These shots of the new Aleste game is all that’s been released so far that I’ve seen. I guess there was a stream but its behind the Nico Nico paywall.

I personally am SUPER excited for ESP Ra. De. to finally come home. It is easily one of my favorite vertical shooters of all time.

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I could always use a new Shmup. Especially if M2 is behind the conversion.

But I haven’t heard of this one. What is it like?

It has your typical Cave bullet hellness as its base, but then adds on some unique elements. If you hold down the fire button you don’t get a single laser shot, but it still does slow you down. Instead of a bomb there’s a force field that when you let go, shoots out the energy as an attack. Its fun as hell though. Something about it just really clicked with me and its a shooter that I find myself drawn back to over and over again. It’s sort of sequels the ESP Galuda games never quite captured that same pull me back in feel that this one did. They’re good games but for me Ra De is the better one.

Yeah, this is very exciting indeed. I’m disappointed they didn’t do another Raizing game like Batrider or Bakraid but ESP Ra. De. is a fantastic choice and has been needing a home port for many years. I just hope it doesn’t take as long to release as Ketsui.

I’m not that big on bullet hell shooters but ESP Ra. De is awesome. I’m even more interested in a new Aleste game.

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Yeah if anyone can do a new Aleste title right it’s M2. Here’s hoping they also release some of the older Aleste games (or even better a collection).